Claudia Winkleman takes on The Dare

The ex-Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two star helms a pilot for a new BBC1 entertainment series

If you’ve been missing Claudia Winkleman on the new Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two, cross your fingers that her new pilot takes off. Filming begins next week on the project that, if successful, will see her fronting a BBC1 game show.


Called The Dare, it’s to feature members of the public trying to fool a studio audience into believing that they are professionals in fields such as daredevil motorbike stunt riding or singing as a rock star. There will be genuine professionals in the show too, but the cash-prize winners will be those complete amateurs who convince over half the audience that they are genuine.


The pilot may not be aired unless the show goes to series and there is no word as yet when that might be. There’s also no word on whether the producers will mock up websites and a history of YouTube clips to fool those in the audience who are canny enough to do an online search for these “professionals”.