Jodie Whittaker will make an “unexpected” and “iconic” Doctor says BBC drama boss

Piers Wenger says that the new Time Lord and show runner Chris Chibnall have firm plans for the role

Jodie Whittaker Doctor

Jodie Whittaker has very clear plans for the role of the 13th Doctor, BBC controller of drama commissioning Piers Wenger has said.


Speaking at the Edinburgh Television Festival, the executive told delegates: “[Showrunner] Chris [Chibnall] has a very very clear sense of where he wants to take the show and has a very clear sense of the sort of qualities that he’s looking for in his Doctor and Jodie fitted with that.

“He obviously had a relationship with her from Broadchurch. She read for the part, she auditioned for it and she came back a few times. And she herself has a very clear sense of the point of having a female doctor and what she wants to do with that role and I think she will make her unexpected and iconic.”

Speaking at the same session, BBC director of content Charlotte Moore said that fans should be excited about the new direction that the show is going in.

Asked about casting a female Doctor she said: “When Chris told us about it we said that’s inspired, that’s fantastic.”


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