7 things we learned about Spider-Man: Homecoming from the new trailer

Cameos, comic-book references and more


A brand-new trailer for hotly-anticipated Marvel film Spider-Man: Homecoming has arrived and it’s a good one, full of interesting details about the movie event that’s currently scrawled in red ink on every superhero fan’s calendar.


Details such as…

A classic Spider-Man gadget will appear


As seen briefly in yesterday’s trailer for this trailer (what a world we live in), classic comic-book gadget the Spider-tracer will appear in the new movie. In the old stories the tracer was a bit of kit created by Spidey which was usually chucked onto escaping foes and tuned into his Spider-sense for easy location.

This version of the gadget, however, appears to form part of the Spider-Man suit the hero (Tom Holland) was given by Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr) in last year’s Captain America: Civil War, suggesting the device wasn’t invented by Peter himself.

It also functions differently, appearing more like a modern drone and capable of flying through the air independently. And it’s not the only bit of new tech in the Spider-suit…

Spider-Man’s new suit can do a LOT more

Apart from the Spider-tracer drone, we also get a better look at how Peter’s suit comes on and off (it’s air-pressured like Marty McFly’s 2015 clothes in Back to the Future, basically), glides (with web-wings) and even includes some sort of GPS function. 

Basically, it has all the tech a young Spider-lad could ask for – until he’s not allowed to have it any more, that is.

Yup, he loses it


Furious at Peter’s actions causing a major ferry accident (after the young hero sought out tech-heavy villain The Vulture, played by Michael Keaton), Tony demands that his protégé return the suit he made for him, forcing Peter to revert to the homemade outfit he first fought crime in (see above).

Stripped of all the fancy tech (except the web-shooters, which he invented himself), Peter will have to save New York through his own abilities and guile, in a return to the underdog themes that have always underpinned the character. Good times for us, bad times for Spider-Man.


Interestingly, said low-fi outfit appears to be based on one used by Spider-Man clone Ben Reilly (aka the Scarlet Spider, above) in the infamous Clone Saga arc of Spider-Man comics in the 90s, complete with hoodie incorporation and over-the-clothes webshooters (though the colours have been switched so film-Spidey has a red hoody and blue undergarments, while Reilly had the opposite). 

Captain America’s in the film


It’s long been suggested that Chris Evans’ Captain America would have a role in Spider-Man: Homecoming, and now we can finally see what it is – fronting an instructional video for bored gym students. 

Presumably, this was shot before he became a fugitive from justice in Captain America: Civil War – we can’t imagine him taking time in his hideout to publicise “Captain America’s Fitness Challenge”, no matter how severe the problem of child obesity in the US is (plus, he’s also wearing the older version of his costume seen in the first Avengers film) Hopefully, it’s not the only time we see him in the film, with previous supports suggesting he has some shared screentime with Robert Downey Jr’s Iron Man.

Vulture has some beef with Iron Man…


Speaking of the tinplated hero, we see an awful lot of Tony Stark in this trailer as he encourages Peter to lay low in the superhero world, before saving his protégé’s skin and taking away his Spider-suit after some heroics go awry.

However, we also see that Tony has a larger role to play when it comes to the film’s villain, Michael Keaton’s Adrian Toomes (aka The Vulture), who appears to bear a grudge against Iron Man.

“The rich and the powerful, like Stark – they don’t care about us,” he says in the new trailer, before unleashing hell in his souped-up Vulture suit. Uh-oh…

And it’s all because of a classic Marvel comic!


Oddly, we might already know the reason for Vulture’s hatred of Tony Stark thanks to the pages of a cult comic book from the late 1980s. Recent details of the film have suggested that Toomes starts out as a man running a business cleaning up after superhero fights, only to find himself pushed out of business when Stark creates his own company to do the same. 

We glimpse the name of Stark’s new company – Damage Control – in the new trailer, and it’s a name familiar to many devout fans of Marvel comics.


Back in 1988, Damage Control was created for a sitcom-like comic book series exploring the fallout of superhero damage, with the story following a team of construction experts as they tried to keep New York City intact while dealing with the usual rebranding exercises, office politics and takeover attempts of an average business. 

Similarly to the new film, within the Damage Control comics the company was created by Tony Stark (albeit with the partnership of crime boss The Kingpin), so the group’s inclusion in Homecoming does have some basis in the source material.

Anyway, a few Damage Control miniseries appeared over the following years and its characters have popped up from time to time, most recently for 2008 crossover event World War Hulk – but it’s still a surprise to see such a deep-cut Marvel reference in one of the movies.

It’ll probably just be a passing nod, though, so perhaps fans shouldn’t expect to see much of Damage Control heroes John Porter, Robin or Gene anytime soon.

And finally – the whole thing still looks pretty great


We were already quietly optimistic about this latest Spider-Man reboot, and this fun-filled new trailer continues to indicate we’re getting the stripped-down, character-driven Spider-Man film fans have been hoping for.

Then again, these high hopes mean we have ourselves to blame if the finished film doesn’t live up to the hype – so to borrow some advice from Iron Man, let’s try and keep those expectations close to the ground. We don’t want another Suicide Squad on our hands.


Spider-Man: Homecoming will be released in UK cinemas on the 7th July