Aaron Paul is on the trail of his vanished girlfriend in new Come and Find Me trailer

It's being pegged as the new Gone Girl


Aaron Paul is starring in Come and Find Me, an indie thriller already being compared to Gone Girl, where he hunts for his girlfriend who suddenly disappears. 


The trailer begins with scenes of a perfect relationship as portrayed in most American movies: David (Aaron Paul) and Claire (Annabelle Wallis) are painting their house together, teasing each other, sharing lingering looks and so on. And then one day, David wakes up to find that Claire has vanished.

He begins to look for her but on his journey starts to realise that the woman he thought he knew and loved may be living a double life – the trailer is peppered with rather ominous whispers of  “She wasn’t who you thought she was,” and “She was lying to you.”

And then guns get involved and things get messy.


Come and Find Me hits US cinemas in November, a UK release date is not yet known