Home and Away spoilers: Brax is sentenced to 20 years in prison without parole

6-10 April: Plus Sophie and Nate sign the divorce papers, while Ryan breaks into Phoebeʼs house and plants a camera in her bedroom


Monday 6 April


In an attempt to discredit Sam as a witness and beat the murder charge, Braxʼs lawyers decide to get hold of the medical and police records which prove that he was previously attacked by Dean and had motive to kill him. Sophie serves Nate with divorce papers and the couple make their split official. Spencer and Evie come up with the perfect idea for Maddyʼs fundraiser – a colour run! 

Tuesday 7 April

After Sam tells the court that Dean owed Ash money, the judge grants the police a warrant to search Angeloʼs place and the cash proves easy enough to find. Spencer gets a little carried away with organising the fundraiser and skips school. Phoebeʼs stalker, Ryan, breaks into the house and installs a hidden camera in her room while everybody is out. 

Wednesday 8 April

Brax is sentenced to 20 years in prison without parole when he confesses to Deanʼs murder in an effort to protect Ash. Denny reaches out to Andy and tells him that Hannah still needs him, so Andy decides to fight for their relationship and goes to see her to talk it out, but will she listen? Oscar organises a romantic dinner for Maddy but is concerned that she might be overdoing it. 

Thursday 9 April

After some encouragement from Denny, Hannah listens to Andy and the pair get back together. Despite having an assignment due the next day, Sasha visits Matt for the weekend and they spend the night together in the diner. Oscar tries to convince Maddy that despite her illness, she still has a future. VJ lashes out at those around him as he struggles to cope with Leahʼs absence. 

Friday 10 April


Sasha rushes back to uni to hand in her presentation in person or risk losing 15% of her final grade. Ryan breaks into the house and leaves a white rose on Phoebeʼs bed. When she finds it, he sneaks up behind her and doses her with chloroform. Zac agrees to let Maddy come back to school to finish year 12. VJ needs a healthy outlet for his aggression so Zac and John suggest he take up boxing training.