Home and Away spoilers: Brax changes his plea to not guilty, while Hannah and Andy split up

30 March-3 April: Plus Kat and Kyle confront Pheobeʼs stalker. And John plans a romantic gesture for Marilyn

Monday 30 March


Kyle learns about Phoebeʼs tormentor upon his return from the city, and when he turns up at Angeloʼs again, in spite of his restraining order, Kyle lashes out. Maddy tries to put Oscarʼs relationship doubts to rest. Zac searches everywhere for VJ and learns that he has gone to the city to see Leah in hospital. Brax learns what fate awaits him if he pleads guilty. 

Tuesday 31 March

John tries to plans a romantic gesture for Marilyn, but she is quickly distracted when an offer comes in for their house. Having decided to take the prosecutionʼs deal for a reduced sentence, Brax starts to put his affairs in order, telling Ricky and Kat that they will be the new co-owners of Angeloʼs and the gym. Hannah tries to reignite the intimacy in her relationship with Andy but he rejects her advances. 

Wednesday 1 April

John is overjoyed when he hears about the offer on the house, but Jett and Marilyn do not want to move and are worried about how to tell him. Spencer is taken aback when he discovers that Maddy is dating Oscar and takes his frustration out on Chris, who tells him that he needs to take responsibility for his life. Nate considers whether he should divorce Sophie. Convinced that he is only with her because he feels sorry for her, Hannah breaks up with Andy. 

Thursday 2 April

Having felt left out, Spencer makes a concerted effort to make up with both Matt and Maddy, and decides to organise a fundraiser for teenagers with cancer. Marilyn plucks up the courage to tell John that she does not want to move and seeing how much it means to her, he calls off the house sale. VJ goes to the city to stay with his grandma for a few days, but Zac resolves to bring him home and unite the family. Sasha misses class to surprise Matt but he is not happy to see her. 

Friday 3 April


Sasha pushes Matt to explain why he is not pleased to see her and he admits that he does not want to have to say goodbye again so soon given how hard it was the first time. They make up and decide to take it in turns to visit each other every weekend. As his trial looms, Brax gets the last of his affairs in order but is struggling with the thought of pleading guilty for a crime he did not commit. At the last moment he changes his plea, determined to beat the charges.