Peter Capaldi’s Doctor Who look inspired by David Bowie

The new Doctor turned to the music legend for some ideas on styling his costume

Peter Capaldi’s Doctor Who costume was revealed right back at the beginning of the year, but it seems we missed something – the David Bowie influence.


Yes, according to reports, the white button-down shirt was added to the long black coat and Doc Martin look as a tribute to Bowie’s Station to Station album cover.

This of course gave us an excuse to add a Bowie-esque lightning bolt across Mr Capaldi’s face. Thank you PhotoShop.

“He drew inspiration for his Doctor Who look from his ‘scrapbook of ideas’. He thought Bowie was the perfect look,” a source tells the Daily Express, of Capaldi’s involvement in Howard Burden’s costume design.

Capaldi himself has spoken about the thinking behind the look saying, “He’s woven the future from the cloth of the past. Simple, stark, and back to basics. No frills, no scarf, no messing, just 100 per cent Rebel Time Lord.” 


Of course, the great news is that it’s not long until we’ll get to see the Doctor and his white shirt in action. The recent BBC trailer confirms that the first episode, Deep Breath, will air on 23 August this year.