Cilla Black: Upcoming biopic is like my life flashing before me

The legendary entertainer is in a reflective mood after accepting a special BAFTA award

After winning tonight’s BAFTA’s special award and recently celebrating over 50 years in show-business, Cilla Black has said that news of an upcoming biopic starring Sheridan Smith is like her life “flashing” before her. 


Speaking after accepting her award, the former Blind Date host said that the file was, “a great thing, it’s a great honour – as is getting a BAFTA – that someone in your own lifetime plays you. And Sheridan is a BAFTA winning actress in her own right. I’m so honoured and so pleased… What more could you ask?”

The Liverpool entertainer, who rose to fame in the ’60s as a singer, used the press conference to also reflect on her career, saying: “I’ve been doing exactly what I wanted to do for all my life”

Asked what she was most proud of, she went on to add: 


“Producing my children, really. I always wanted six children but then [late husband] Bobby didn’t agree. And I’ve got three fabulous boys and they’ve all really done me proud.”