Home and Away spoilers: the week ahead in Summer Bay

17-21 March: Sean holds some residents hostage, while Ethan's family attends his funeral

Monday 17 March


Casey rescues Andy from an ugly predicament, but Sean continues to apply pressure. As Kyle tries to buy Sean off, the situation turns violent. Chris, Spencer and Sasha take their punishment, but Irene’s pleas for them to act more responsibly are rudely interrupted. Harvey continues to struggle with his identity.

Tuesday 18 March

Casey is angry that Kyle beat up Sean, who may now want revenge. Josh wants to leave town, but Andy is reluctant. Meanwhile, Sasha, Irene, Spencer and Chris are being held captive by Sean, who is in desperate need of medical help and believes that Irene is a doctor, resulting in his deciding to take Sasha hostage. Chris manages to get the upper hand and attacks Sean, knocking him unconscious.

Wednesday 19 March

As the Bay mourns, one inhabitant feels the pressure to deliver a truthful eulogy at the funeral. Zac is concerned that Evelyn will regret staying away, so Oscar tries to persuade her to attend. A mysterious girl arrives at the funeral. Kyle and Phoebe grow closer, but Phoebe is still hurting from his previous behaviour. Nate and Ricky’s deep connection becomes more apparent. 

Thursday 20 March

Hannah and Zac track down the mystery girl to a rented caravan, where they learn her name as well as a massive secret. Bianca is still suffering from short-term memory loss, and a stressed-out Heath struggles to keep his composure. Nate tries to clear the air with Ricky as he is developing serious feelings for her, but she remains reluctant to get involved with him. John’s punishment of Jett gets more severe. 

Friday 21 March

John finally agrees to release Jett from his servitude, but not before Jett finds a small box in the ground with a bracelet inside. Together with VJ, he decides to play detective and ends up plotting blackmail. Heath is increasingly exhausted due to dealing with Bianca’s memory loss. Harvey arrives back to ask Roo out for dinner and claims he is a changed man. Roo is ecstatic – until he tells her to start packing.