Veronica Mars’ Ryan Hansen: You’re going to see a lot of Dick

The actor who plays Neptune's Dick Casablancas talks big dance parties and being watched on set by Kickstarter backers...

Dick Casablancas. Womaniser, bully, frat boy and Logan’s best friend. Him and Veronica have never really seen eye to eye. But if you thought we left all that drama behind in 2007, think again. 


Ryan Hansen, the man who plays the legendary Dick in Veronica Mars, is reprising his role. That’s right, Dick’s going silver-screen. And naturally, we had to catch up with him to see what it’s all about… 

So did you ever expect the film to become a reality?

Yes. Next question.

Er, really?

No. I mean, because we’ve always talked about doing a movie after the show and then there was just no interest from studios or anything like that. So we were like, let’s let the fans. You know, the fans kept asking for it so the fact that they got to fund the movie and that we are sitting here now… it’s insane. It’s so, so fun. 

So 10 years have passed in Veronica Mars world. Has Dick grown up… at all?

You’re going to see a lot of Dick. You’re going to see a lot of Dick as he was. He’s just a bigger Dick. Dick’s still just doing his thing. He’s still pretty immature in his ways… still loves to party. 

Talking of parties, how was your first day back on set? 

It was one big dance party when we first got to all be together… Seeing everyone on set – it’s unreal. We were all just hugging each other. 

So returning to Neptune was an easy decision, then?

It was the best. Any time I get to work with Rob Thomas it’s like a dream. His writing’s just so fun. The way he writes Dick Casablancas is just so great and weird – he always gets to say the funniest things. 

But it wouldn’t have been able to happen without Kickstarter. Did you the feel pressure from fans? 

A lot of the Kickstarter backers got to be on set so it was tough, you know, because they are looking at you like, ‘I paid for this. This better be good” and I’m like trying to do my dancing scenes and all that stuff… It was so fun. They were great. We got to hang out with them on set. 

Veronica Mars is in UK cinemas and on demand from 14 March