Downton Abbey series four, episode seven – preview pictures and predictions

A look ahead to the seventh episode of series four, accompanied by Ellie Walker-Arnott's patented guessing game...


Last week’s Downton Abbey saw the Crawley’s celebrate Robert’s birthday.


Rose organised a surprise for the Earl but it turned out to be more of a shock when Jack Ross arrived with his jazz band. Downton Abbey’s first black visitor got everyone in a bit of a flap. Carson started talking about Africa. Robert couldn’t stop staring. But Rose seemed to be the most affected, disappearing off downstairs for a sneaky snog at the end of the night. 

Edith was a little preoccupied, as confirmation had arrived from the doctors that she was pregnant with Michael Gregson’s illegitimate baby. Unhappy news made unhappier by the fact that Gregson was still AWOL in Germany. 

Meanwhile Alfred was accepted to the cookery course at the Ritz after all and, much to Daisy’s despair, he departed the Abbey for a fancy life in the big city. Moseley was soon sniffing around for a job, which Carson took great pleasure in depriving him of. That was, until Mrs Hughes got involved, and soon enough the former valet found himself back in the Abbey’s employment after all. 

In other news, Jimmy took Ivy to the pictures. She was smitten with the suave footman, until he made a move on her on they way back to the Abbey. Napier was back with his boss Blake, who Mary immediately took a disliking to. A snobby waiter at a fancy restaurant looked down Anna and Bates on. And over at the Dowager Countess’s matters concerning Isobel’s poor gardening protégé Pegg escalated when another ornament went missing.

But what’s going to happen in the next episode? We’ve put on our thinking caps and made some spurious suggestions… 

It’s a good job loose fitting tops were all the rage in the 1920’s, eh Edith? Looks like Robert is still none the wiser that Gregson popped a bun in your oven before heading off to hang out with the enemy in Germany. He most certainly would not be affectionately touching your face if he knew. Affection and face touching is a struggle for him at the best of times. Plus Robert is many things, but forward thinking and empathetic are not among them. 

Cora, on the other hand, isn’t as stupid. She’s dragged the cold corpse of Mary’s lovers around the Abbey. She’s seen things. In fact, she’s probably sending Robert to America under false pretences to get him out of the picture so she can get the truth out of Edith once and for all. 

Here’s to the important goodbye. It’s no secret that Robert gets on best with the dog. She’s the only Crawley who doesn’t question his poor decision making… 

There’s something highly suspicious about the way Robert is gazing at the camera here. He’s clearly got an ulterior motive for heading stateside, too. A sneaky boy’s trip to Vegas perhaps? A bit of ill thought through investing? The world is his oyster without the ol’ ball and chain, and he’s looking forward to it. 

Not satisfied with showing off his jazz-skills, Jack is showcasing his sporting prowess too. This vessel doesn’t seem to be getting anywhere fast though, and a top hat doesn’t seem the most appropriate attire for an afternoon on the water. Plus Jack does seem to have got distracted and fallen on Rose’s face again… 

It seems some men will go to extreme lengths to get a cheeky kiss. Jimmy tried his best by taking Ivy to the pictures last weekend. But clearly a rowing boat was the key to getting your wicked way with the ladies in the 1920s.

We hate to break it to you, Jack. But the open water isn’t actually the best place to get away from prying eyes. Here we have a classic 1920’s style peeping Tom, complete with trademark creepy hat. 

He’s even upstaging you on the rowing front. This man’s got the hang of it. See, you need to hold the oars to move the boat forward. 

Baxter’s either feeling terribly unwell or giving the game away. And she really needs to get her poker face sorted if she’s going to flourish as Thomas’s new puppet. The shiny-haired footman has no qualms about changing his mind and whatever secret he’s keeping is likely a big, fat juicy one.

If you are going to listen in on other people’s conversations, you’ve really got to stay cool, Baxter. 

Branson’s well and truly fed up of pretending to be a member of the aristocracy and has come along to a local Labour party meeting. He’s trying to fit in by looking as bored as the rest of them, but clearly his sharp tailoring and expensive scent has alerted this woman to the fact that he’s not as working class as he’s making out. 

Better get back to the Abbey sharpish, Tom. The caviar and foie gras canapés are about to be served in the drawing room. 

Downton Abbey continues on Sunday at 9:00pm on ITV