Star Trek Into Downton Abbey

See what happened when Star Trek into Darkness director JJ Abrams paid a visit to the Crawley household...

One deals with slick spaceships, intergalactic feuds and a murderous terrorist played by Benedict Cumberbatch; the other features butler bells, polished silverware and Lady Violet Crawley’s scathing one-liners. But yesterday afternoon two worlds collided as Star Trek Into Darkness director J.J. Abrams paid a visit to the set of Downton Abbey series four. 


The man who helmed 2009’s highly-praised Star Trek reboot and its equally anticipated follow-up took time out from his jam-packed publicity blitz to drop in on the Crawley household where he was caught whipping up some eggs in the kitchen by a stern-looking Mrs Hughes (played by actress Phyllis Logan)… 


Maybe the pair were hatching plans for a further addition to the franchise, Star Trek Into Downton? We can only cross our fingers (toes, legs, eyelashes…) and hope.