What’s not on TV tonight: deadly milk, holy laughs and lofty advice

Exotic rural adventures, an inspirational game show and a new sitcom from the writers of Nun Shall Pass

Big Cat Dairy (Observational documentary)


An urban couple with no previous farming experience quit the rat race to plough their savings into an exotic rural business venture. Episode one: When one of the cheetahs escapes, Anne struggles to catch it. Meanwhile, Jeremy’s first attempt to milk a lioness ends in tragedy.

RadioTimes.com says: “Not for the faint-hearted, or animal lovers” ★★★★★

Master of Nun (Sitcom)

1/6 Jack is an odd job man at a nunnery in Nuneaton. He’s desperate to get back into the habit of living a good life after losing his job as a school master during an alcoholic rage induced by excessive consumption of communion wine. Will he convince the sisters that there’s more to him than holy hangovers and handy work, or could this be just another trip down the road to hell?

RadioTimes.com says: “Thought provoking” ★★★★

Johnny Cash in the Attic (Game show)

Devotees of the Man in Black visit his remains at a shrine in his loft and lay their troubles before him. Johnny’s life-changing advice is dispensed from beyond the grave via a spin of a game show-style wheel, The Ring of Fire. 


RadioTimes.com says: “Walks the line between entertainment and tragedy” ★★