What do you think of the new-look RoboCop suit?

As the first leaked shots of the new RoboCop emerge online, fan opinion is split - but what do you think?


If clothes maketh the man, what are we to make of the new-look RoboCop?


Unless you’ve been living under the proverbial rock for the past few months, you’ll no doubt be aware that there’s a remake of Paul Verhoeven’s 1987 action classic RoboCop currently in production, and the first pictures of its star Joel Kinnaman decked out as Detroit’s steeliest law enforcer have recently appeared online.

Now, while the original RoboCop suit (above) is one the most recognisable and iconic movie costumes ever designed, the new one looks…erm… rather different.

If you haven’t seen the photos yet, you really should. They’re over at ComingSoon.net. Go on, have a look, I’ll wait…

Right, you’re back, let’s continue…

Surprising, no?

As you can imagine, fan reaction to this sleeker, darker, distinctly Batman-esque RoboCop has been, to put it diplomatically, mixed.

A comment on Twitter reading simply “Man, the new Robocop suit looks stupid as hell” has been re-tweeted 140-odd times already, and other reactions on the micro-blogging site aren’t much more favourable.

SFX’s editor Dave Golder was so incensed he wrote a blog post about the suit which recorded his reaction as “To put it bluntly – oh dear,” and Halo writer Brian Reed quipped: “The best part of the new costume is how you can tell the director & producers have no idea the original ROBOCOP was satire.”

However, at least one brave Twitter user spoke out against this tide of aggression and, while not actually praising the new suit as such, wrote: “Everyone bitching about the new Robocop suit realizes the original was stupid looking as well, right?!”


But what do you think? Is this new-look RoboCop your idea of the future of law enforcement? Vote in our poll and let us know what you make of RoboCop circa 2012…