Free in the new Radio Times: Barry Norman’s 101 Greatest Films of All Time, part one

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Barry Norman has watched more than 12,000 movies over five decades. Now Britain’s finest film critic has chosen his greatest films of all time. But will you agree with his selection?


Barry Norman’s 101 Greatest Films of All Time is a two-part pull-out, free inside the new Radio Times. Part one, featuring thrillers, romance, family, drama, comedy and war films, comes with this week’s RT, on sale now. Part two, featuring action and adventure, musicals, horror, sci-fi and westerns is free inside next week’s issue (on sale Tuesday 24 January). 

We’re also giving one lucky reader the chance to name the 101st greatest film – don’t miss your chance to win an amazing Sky Go package with an iPad and Sky Movies free for a year*.

Packed full of little-known facts, quotes and cast lists, 101 Greatest Films will get you reacquainted with past and modern classics.

As an appetiser, see if you can name the film from the trivia clues:

1. In this classic Bogart romantic adventure, a cardboard cutout was used instead of an aeroplane, with midgets for the crew so it would look full-sized.

2. Director Stanley Kubrick took out insurance against an alien invasion upstaging this film’s release.

3. The boots Clint Eastwood wore in this movie are the same ones he wore in TV series Rawhide.

4. The final shot of Joe Pesci firing at the camera in this film is a homage to 1903 silent classic The Great Train Robbery.

5. The premiere of this family favourite was attended by Walt Disney – his first red carpet appearance since Snow White in 1937.

Do you know any quirky film trivia? Let us know, comment below…

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