Meet the cast of ITV’s Hatton Garden

Timothy Spall and Kenneth Cranham lead the cast of this star-studded drama based on a true story

Hatton Garden cast

Four-part ITV drama Hatton Garden really does have an exceptional cast. As Jeff Pope’s show finally makes it to our screens at 9pm on Monday 20th May (airing across the week until Thursday 23rd May), some of the UK and Ireland’s finest actors have been gathered to star as the elderly gang members.


Here are the characters you need to meet – and the stars who play them…

Timothy Spall plays Terry Perkins

Timothy Spall plays Terry Perkins in Hatton Garden
Timothy Spall plays Terry Perkins (ITV)

Who is Terry Perkins in Hatton Garden? An elderly career criminal with diabetes who is determined to pull off one last, lucrative heist before he “retires”. Though he initially plays second fiddle to Brian Reader, Terry is a ringleader in his own right.

In real life, Terry Perkins died behind bars in February 2018.

What else has Timothy Spall been in? The British actor has been on our screens since the late 1970s, but he really caught people’s attention in the TV series Auf Wiedersehen, Pet, in which he played Barry Taylor. Spall, 62, is also known for playing Peter Pettigrew/Wormtail in the Harry Potter movies, and for starring in the critically acclaimed movie Mr Turner as the famous painter himself. Further credits include Blandings, The King’s Speech, Oliver Twist, and Secrets & Lies; you’ll also catch him starring alongside Keeley Hawes in BBC2 drama Summer of Rockets.

Kenneth Cranham plays Brian Reader

Kenneth Cranham plays Brian Reader in Hatton Garden
Kenneth Cranham plays Brian Reader (ITV)

Who is Brian Reader in Hatton Garden? In the TV drama, Brian Reader is the big boss of the Hatton Garden heist. A widower who lives a comfortable life in Kent, he is an impatient and dictatorial leader; but he has the authority born of a long criminal career.

The real-life Reader is now 80 years old and was jailed for six years and three months after pleading guilty. (And in the Hatton Garden movie King of Thieves, this is the role played by Michael Caine.)

What else has Kenneth Cranham been in? Scottish actor Kenneth Cranham, now 74, starred as Field Marshall Wilhelm Keitel in the Tom Cruise movie Valkyrie, and played Jimmy Price in Layer Cake. In his early years as an actor he had the role of Noah Claypole in the classic 1968 Oliver! movie, and since then has starred in almost 200 films and movies including The White Princess, In The Flesh, Rome, and horror movie Hellbound: Hellraiser II. Cranham is also an Olivier award-winning stage actor.

Brían F O’Byrne plays Basil

Brian F O'Byrne plays Basil in Hatton Garden
Brian F O’Byrne plays Basil (ITV)

Who is Basil in Hatton Garden? The man nicknamed “Basil” is a mysterious character in ITV’s Hatton Garden. Basil is an expert on electronics and alarms systems and has been recruited by Brian to help with the heist, enabling the men to get in and out of the building undetected. He has since been identified and was jailed in March 2019.

What else has Brían F O’Byrne been in? The Bafta-winning and Emmy-nominated Irish actor, 51, has a string of recent TV credits including Nightflyers, Little Boy Blue, Mercy Street, The Magicians, and Manhunt: Lone Wolf. In case you were wondering, the “F” stands for Francis.

Alex Norton plays Kenny Collins

Alex Norton plays Kenny Collins in Hatton Garden
Alex Norton plays Kenny Collins (ITV)

Who is Kenny Collins in Hatton Garden? In the ITV drama, Kenny is the getaway driver. He drives a van to and from Hatton Garden, and is posted as lookout, although he does struggle to stay awake.

What else has Alex Norton been in? You may recognise Alex Norton for his role as DCI Matt Burke in Taggart. The Scottish actor, 69, has also starred as Eric Baird in Two Doors Down, and as Gerard Findlay in Waterloo Road.

David Hayman plays Danny Jones

David Hayman plays Danny Jones in Hatton Garden
David Hayman plays Danny Jones (ITV)

Who is Danny Jones in Hatton Garden? An experienced criminal with several convictions to his name, Danny is a key member of the gang. He is more sprightly than Terry and Brian and is able to handle some of the more physical elements of the plan.

The real Danny Jones was considered a bit of an eccentric, known for wearing a Fez and other unusual clothing, and apparently claimed to have fortune-telling powers. A copy of the book Forensics for Dummies was found at his house.

What else has David Hayman been in? The Scottish actor recently starred as Brace in the Tom Hardy TV series Taboo. He is also known for playing Jonas in The Paradise, and Chief Superintendent Michael Walker in long-running drama Trial & Retribution.

Geoff Bell plays Carl Wood

Geoff Bell plays Carl Wood in Hatton Garden
Geoff Bell plays Carl Wood (ITV)

Who is Carl Wood in Hatton Garden? One of the youngsters in the gang, Carl is 58 at the time of the raid. He is friends with Danny Jones and has been brought in on the plan, but is nervous about being caught.

What else has Geoff Bell been in? Geoff Bell has appeared in a ton of films and TV shows, though not always in starring roles. His credits include Kingsman: The Secret Service, The End of the F***ing World, Tin Star, Rogue One, Brighton Rock, and Suffragette. The 56-year-old English actor recently played Duncan Elliot in the TV series The Level, and will soon appear in His Dark Materials as the character Jack Verhoeven.

Rochenda Sandall plays Surveillance Officer Roberts

Rochenda Sandall plays Surveillance Officer Roberts in Hatton Garden

Who is Surveillance Officer Roberts? A surveillance officer keeping tabs on the gang members’ movements as the net closes in.

What else has Rochenda Sandall been in? Surprise! It’s Lisa McQueen from Line of Duty, one of the key guest stars from series five. Rochenda Sandall has also appeared in Girlfriends, Love, Lies and Records, and Black Mirror: Bandersnatch.

Nasser Memarzia plays Gooran Cyrus

Who is Gooran Cyrus? A victim of the Hatton Garden heist. “Gooran Cyrus” does not actually exist in real life, but is instead a composite character who stands in for all the many people who had the contents of their safe deposit boxes taken by the gang. In the drama, Mr Cyrus is a jeweller and a small business owner whose entire livelihood is devastated by the burglary.

What else has Nasser Memarzia been in? The actor starred as Draper in Knightfall, Mr Khalid in Next of Kin, and Omar Barghati in Tom Hiddleston drama The Night Manager.

Ian Puleston-Davies plays Ray Bilton

Ian Puleston-Davies plays Ray Bilton in Hatton Garden
Ian Puleston-Davies plays Ray Bilton (ITV)

Who is Ray Bilton? The details of Ray’s character have yet to be revealed.

What else has Ian Puleston-Davies been in? Coronation Street fans may remember him as builder Owen Armstrong. Since leaving in 2015, he has played Peter Cullen in Marcella, Lagrathorn in Beowulf: Return to the Shieldlands, and Frank in Tin Star.

Christopher Fairbank plays Billy Lincoln

Christopher Fairbank plays Billy Lincoln in Hatton Garden

Who is Billy Lincoln? Nicknamed “Billy the Fish” because of his love of fish and his habit of buying and re-selling fish to friends, family members, and acquaintances, William “Billy” Lincoln was one of the gang – but did not enter the building at Hatton Garden during the raid. For his part, he was convicted of conspiracy to commit burglary and conspiracy to conceal, convert or transfer criminal property.

What else has Christopher Fairbank been in? A prolific TV and film actor, Christopher Fairbank’s recent credits include Grantchester, The Woman in White, and Taboo. He also starred as Albert Moxey in Auf Wiedersehen, Pet.

Tom Christian plays DCI Jamie Day

Who is DI Jamie Day? One of the cops investigating the heist. In real life, he was the first Flying Squad officer to arrive on the scene at Hatton Garden.

What else has Tom Christian been in? He is perhaps best known for his role as Brandon Boone in The Royals. Other shows include Harlots, Mr Selfridge, and Chimerica.

T’Nia Miller plays DC Laura McIntyre 

Who is DC Laura Mcintyre ? One of the cops investigating the heist.

What else has T’Nia Miller been in? Over on the BBC, T’Nia currently stars as Celeste Bisme-Lyons in Years and Years. She has also played Aleesha in Marcella, DI Wilton in Witless, and Lisa in Born to Kill, as well as appearing in the 2015 Doctor Who episode Hell Bent.

Jonah Russell plays DCI Paul Johnson

Who is DCI Paul Johnson? Detective Chief Inspector Paul Johnson of the Metropolitan Police’s Flying Squad led the investigation into the heist. On the morning the burglary was discovered, he spoke to the press and box holders outside the Hatton Garden safe deposit company.


What else has Jonah Russell been in? The actor has appeared in Doctors, Dark River, and The Borgias.