Warning! Contains major spoilers for The Circle USA season 6.


A group of strangers all entered The Circle USA apartments last month, including an interesting AI robot to really mix things up!

Like before, the players all had to communicate with each other through the Circle App - which allowed them to message one another, and encouraged some of them to play as a completely different person if they so wished.

The aim of the game is to become the most popular and, if successful, the winning player would take home a life-changing $100,000 - and now, the winner has been revealed!

With all episodes now on Netflix, here's everything you need to know about the cast of The Circle season 6, including who won.

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AI/Max from The Circle. It presents as a small grey box with pink and blue lights around it
AI/Max from The Circle. Netflix

Age: 26

Job: Veterinary intern

Location: Midwest

Max will be the first of its kind on The Circle, as the series introduces its first ever AI robot! Max will have no interference from the producers and has no information about the other players other than what they chose to share.

As per Netflix, Max's strategy is to have a photo of him holding a dog in his profile picture, as photos with dogs "receive 38 per cent more likes on social media".


The Circle contestant Kyle. He is wearing a yellow shirt and is pointing outwards.
Kyle, a contestant on The Circle. Netflix

Age: 31

Location: Miami

Job: Professional basketball player

Playing as: Himself

Instagram: @kylefullerofficial

Kyle is entering The Circle with his best (furry) friend, Deuce, as he simply couldn't join the reality series alone.

Despite being married in real life, Kyle will be joining the experiment as an "extremely single basketball trainer".


The Circle contestant Cassie. She is wearing a sleeveless pink t-shirt. Her hands are placed on her hip and she is smiling
Cassie, a contestant on The Circle. Netflix

Age: 29

Location: Kentucky

Job: Mother of two

Playing as: Herself

Instagram: @cassiecsaylor

Cassie already knows how to suss out a catfish after catching her ex-husband cheating on her after making a fake profile.

"A fake can point out another fake," she said ahead of her appearance on the experiment. Cassie is ready to expose those not playing as themselves.


The Circle contestant Brandon. He is smiling and is wearing a blue t-shirt and pink overshirt.
Brandon, a contestant on The Circle. Netflix

Age: 34

Location: Ohio

Job: Nursing assistant

Playing as: His friend

Instagram: @b_randonbaker

Self-described "adult Cabbage Patch Kid" Brandon plans to catfish his way through the experiment, and will be playing as his friend and colleague Olivia.

"This is my opportunity to be hot, because I've never gotten to do that before," he said.

Brandon AKA Olivia was crowned the winner of The Circle USA season 6. When the results were revealed, Brandon burst into tears and hugged all of his cast mates.

"You guys have no idea what this money means to me," he said. "I plan on using this to pay off my mum's house, just so she doesn't have to work so hard anymore."


The Circle contestant Quori-Tyler. She is wearing a denim two-piece and has her hands in the air
Quori-Tyler, a contestant on The Circle. Netflix

Age: 26

Location: Los Angeles

Job: Former NBA dancer

Playing as: Herself

Instagram: @quorityler

Quori-Tyler is a secret superfan, who has watched every single episode multiple times and is ready to be the ultimate "mastermind" in the experiment.

Romance isn't off the table either, as she says she is "single as a Pringle".


The Circle contestant Lauren. She is wearing a black t-shirt and jeans and is smiling ahead.
Lauren, a contestant on The Circle. Netflix

Age: 26

Location: Philadelphia

Job: Former Twitch streamer

Playing as: Herself

Instagram: @laurenshiraa

Ready to "slay the day" is 26-year-old Lauren, who is already comfortable speaking to people behind a screen due to her experience as a Twitch streamer.


The Circle contestant Caress. She is wearing a yellow knit jumper and has short hair.
Caress, a contestant on The Circle. Netflix

Age: 37

Location: Dallas

Job: Motivational speaker

Playing as: Her younger brother

Instagram: @_ladycaress

Caress will be joining the experience as her younger brother, Paul, who is a rapper and singer, who viewers may recognise as the singer behind Lil Boo Thang.

She is hoping to harness her sibling's social media influence, who has over 360,000 followers on Instagram. "Everybody is catfishing online, so why not me?"


The Circle contestant Myles. He is wearing a black and brown jacket and has his hands placed together
Myles, a contestant on The Circle. Netflix

Age: 29

Location: Los Angeles

Job: AI engineer

Playing as: Himself

Instagram: @yungpapi.fuego

With a knack for calling out catfishes, Myles is hoping to make it all the way in the experiment.

"I'm either a you love or hate me type of guy," he said, and he is hoping the women in The Circle pick the former.


The Circle contestant Steffi. She is wearing a blue denim jumpsuit and has her hands up in the air as she smiles
Steffi, a contestant on The Circle. Netflix

Age: 35

Location: California

Job: Psychic medium

Playing as: Herself

Instagram: @spirit_sis

By using her skills as a psychic medium and professional astrologer, Steffi hopes she will be able to outlast the other players.


The Circle contestant Autumn. She is wearing a floral blouse and cowboy hat
Autumn, a contestant on The Circle. Netflix

Age: 21

Location: Tennessee

Job: Ranch hand

Playing as: Herself

Instagram: @autumnannofficial

21-year-old Autumn is playing the game as her "genuine weird redneck self", and hopes to land herself in the finale by building alliances with other players.


The Circle contestant Jordan. He is wearing a multicoloured jumper and is smiling
Jordan, a contestant on The Circle. Netflix

Age: 24

Location: Texas

Job: Photographer

Playing as: Himself

Instagram: @itsjordanstaff

While Jordan is playing himself in The Circle, he will be introducing himself to the other players with a slight twist.

By using older photos, Jordan hopes people will view him as a "friendly giant", but will do whatever it takes to make it to the top.

The Circle USA season 1-6 are available to watch on Netflix now. Sign up for Netflix from £4.99 a month. Netflix is also available on Sky Glass and Virgin Media Stream.


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