Bid goodbye to your social lives – Love Island is back on our screens with its very first winter edition.


A series of singletons have ditched the day job to find love in the show’s first outing to a new villa in South Africa, with their adventures in copping off and cracking on documented six nights a week on ITV2.

But if you’re struggling to find the time to catch-up on every episode before the next helping at 9pm, then don’t worry – has got you covered.

Here’s what happened on Love Island last night.

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Day 40

Love Island's Ched and Jess
Love Island's Ched and Jess

The final dates continued with Luke M and Demi being sent for breakfast while a string band played for them.

Luke told Demi how he really feels and said he didn't want to date anyone else, which she agreed with.

Back in the villa, Jess was practising her domestic skills as she made a breakfast for Ched to thank him for looking after her on their date the day before.

The boys were sent on an undercover mission to get the girls to do tasks for them.

Mike was tasked with getting all the girls to give him a kiss, meanwhile Finn had to get Demi to give him a foot massage, Luke T had to convince Jess she had something on her face, Luke M had to get Paige to bring him five items one at a time, and Ched had to drop Siannise's sunglasses in the pool and get another girl to retrieve them.

Finally, all the boys had to get everyone in the pool at the end.

After being with successful with their challenge, the boys received cocktails for everyone that evening.

It was time for Siannise and Luke T to complete the final epic dates, as they were sent on a fairytale dinner fit for a king and queen.

And things got very serious, as they said those special three words and told one another: "I love you."

That night, the islanders took part in the Love Island talent show.

Everyone loved Priscilla's street dancing, with Mike shouting out: "That's my girlfriend."

Meanwhile, Siannise and Luke T were totally in sync with their dancing, while Paige showed off her amazing vocals.

We're not quite sure Finn got the memo, as he turned up in his towel, calling himself a "shower singer".

But, it was Jess and Ched who won everyone over with their couples' fitness workout and were rewarded with a night in the hideaway.

With the final only days away, it was over to the public to vote for their favourite couple.

So, which four couples will make it?

Day 39

Love Island's Callum and Molly (©ITV)
Love Island's Callum and Molly (©ITV)

It was time for the islanders to make their decision on who they wanted to save out of Callum and Molly and Mike and Priscilla.

Despite Paige and Finn voting for Callum and Molly, all the other islanders felt Mike and Priscilla were stronger, which meant the former were sent packing.

Having survived the dumping, Mike and Priscilla were sent on their final date in the villa the next day.

The duo went on a safari, and it was the perfect day, with Mike asking the 25-year-old model to be his girlfriend at the end.

Next, it was Paige and Finn's turn to go on their date which was a boat ride.

After working up a sweat from all the rowing (that Finn did), they sat down for a chat as they discussed the idea of living together outside the villa.

Clearly on the same pa(i)ge, the duo revealed that they had "fallen" for one another.

Last but not least, Ched and Jess were sent on their final date.

The couple were treated to a bbq date, that certainly got very hot and steamy as Ched compared his nether regions to one of the items on their bbq - you can probably guess which one!

But the talk soon turned serious, as they agreed to be "exclusive" with one another.

These islanders are wasting no time - we love it!

Day 38

Love Island's Mike and Priscilla ©ITV
Love Island's Mike and Priscilla ©ITV

Following the votes, Natalia was feeling pretty annoyed at her Casa Amor girls - Priscilla and Molly - for choosing her and Jamie as the least compatible couple.

That night in bed, she told Jamie that she was "ready to go home" as she'd come to the conclusion that she wasn't going to find a boyfriend in the villa.

The next morning, the islanders were woken up to the sound of baby crying.

Each couple were given a baby doll to look after for the day, and it's safe to say it didn't go down too well.

Molly admitted that she wasn't a fan of babies, meanwhile Natalia pretty much went to sleep and left Jamie to do all the work, which he failed at with the couples' pram blowing away and falling into the pool.

Priscilla and Mike won the baby challenge, and all the other islanders passed, except Siannise and Luke T, Jess and Ched and Natalia and Jamie.

The islanders were definitely in need of some down time after their day of parenting, as they got dressed up that evening for a party.

But, just as it was getting good, they received a text to gather around the fire pit.

As all the vulnerable couples stood up, the two couples who were saved by the public were revealed to be Luke M and Demi and Ched and Jess.

The reamining three couples were then told to stand in front of the fire pit.

Luke M received a text, and announced that Natalia and Jamie had received the least votes from the public and would be dumped from the island.

The duo said their goodbyes, but the dumping wasn't over yet.

Callum and Molly and Mike and Priscilla were told that they were still at risk and their fate would be in the hands of their other islanders.

So, with both couples having come under scrutiny in the past, who will the islanders choose to save?

Day 37

Love Island contestants 2020

Siannise and Luke T were still buzzing from officially becoming a couple.

One relationship wasn’t going too well, however, as Jamie tried to get a kiss from Natalia by asking.

Although they shared a kiss, she later told the girls that she didn't think he was very smooth.

As she sat down with Luke T, Ched and Siannise, Jess raised her concerns about Natalia– who she thought wasn't being genuine in the villa.

Luke T agreed and said it wasn’t fair on Jamie.

The next day, the islanders got to learn what their friends in the villa really thought about them as they took part in a challenge.

Mike and Priscilla had to read out categories on the board such as "Who is the laziest couple?" and each couple had to vote for who they thought this was.

Most islanders voted Paige and Finn and Siannise and Luke T as the laziest.

Meanwhile Mike and Priscilla received a couple of votes for being vain, with many commenting on Mike’s need to "oil up."

Finn’s love of make up was also brought up, as Demi mentioned that he liked a bit of concealer.

Natalia and Jamie received the most votes for being “fake.”

Meanwhile, Callum and Molly and Priscilla and Mike both received votes for the couple most likely to cheat, due to the boys' past wandering eyes.

And things turned sour between Mike and Priscilla when the other islanders voted them as the most attention seeking couple, based solely on Mike "twerking" and "treating each day in the villa like a Dream Boys audition" to quote Finn.

Clearly loving all the attention, Mike decided to pat Priscilla on the head as he said: "That'll do, donkey" in reference to Dreamworks animated film Shrek.

But she wasn't pleased, and later pulled him up on it.

Mike apologised for embarrassing her, as he vowed to never do it again, and the duo put it behind them.

But as they made up, another spanner was thrown in the works when the islanders received a text telling them to gather round the fire pit.

They were told to vote for the two couples who they thought were the least compatible and explain this to their islanders.

Jess and Ched, Callum and Molly, Luke M and Demi, Mike and Priscilla and Natalia and Jamie all received votes, which meant they were now at risk of being dumped from the island, with the public voting to save their favourite couple.

So, who will remain in the villa? And which couple(s) will be sent packing?

Day 34

Love Island's Siannise and Luke T (©ITV)
Love Island's Siannise and Luke T (©ITV)

It was the end of one islander's journey as the recoupling resumed.

As Luke M chose to couple up with Demi, Shaughna was sent packing.

Despite not finding love with a man on the show, Shaughna revealed that she'd found it with her "best friend" Paige as she said her goodbyes to everyone.

The next day, Demi and Luke were sent on their first date, which saw them riding a tandem bike and Demi doing lots of screaming.

Nevertheless, it was a good icebreaker as Demi later admitted that she felt more comfortable with him and Luke came back grinning like a Cheshire Cat.

Ched became the latest member to join the breakfast club the next morning, as he sat down with Mike, Luke T and Finn to discuss his and Jess' bedroom antics.

He revealed that they'd got very touchy feely under the sheets, saying he'd had "tomato" to eat.

Later that day, the islanders were made to take part in a challenge called Valentine's Bae, as they celebrated the villa's very first Valentine's Day.

With their hands strapped to their partner, the contestants had to make their way through an assault course while balancing a tray of food.

Despite only officially been coupled up for a day, new couple Demi and Luke came out on top and won the challenge.

Luke T was definitely feeling the love after the challenge, as he decided he was ready to pop the question to Siannise and ask her to be his girlfriend.

In probably one of the most romantic Love Island proposals yet, Luke assigned all islanders a job in"Operation Fairy Tale" as he wrote out little rhymes for them to read out.

As the islanders got dressed up for the evening, they all assembled in their positions, with Luke M presenting Siannise with a crown and carrying her to each point.

The hunt ended with Siannise meeting Luke T on a day bed, as he asked her if she'd do the honours of being his girlfriend.

"100 per cent," she said, as the duo shared their very first kiss as an official couple.

Day 33

Love Island's Luke M and Shaughna (©ITV)
Love Island's Luke M and Shaughna (©ITV) ITV

Tensions were running high in the villa, following the news headline challenge.

Luke T decided to pull Siannise for a chat to clear the air, after telling the boys she’d got “naked” during their time in hideaway.

As he apologised to the 25-year-old beauty therapist, Luke admitted he’d got a bit excited and wouldn’t do it again.

Next it was Mike’s turn to get himself out of the dog house as he told Priscilla he’d do his best to prove to her how much he liked her.

Callum tried his best to reassure Molly about the “cheat” headlines, and the pair seemed to put it behind them.

However, Finn had some grafting to do with Paige as she wasn’t happy about his head allegedly “turning” at Casa Amor.

Finn insisted he’d been 100 per cent loyal to her and the couple agreed to bury the hatchet.

With the drama out the way, it was now time for Shaughna to make her feelings clear after revealing that she fancied Luke M the day before.

First, she pulled Demi to the side to let her know she was interested in Luke, but it wasn’t the news Demi wanted to hear.

Feeling unlucky in love, the 21-year-old was later seen crying in the Beach Hut.

And it only got worse for her when she saw Shaughna going for a chat with Luke M.

After much hesitation, Shaughna finally confessed her feelings to Luke – who although shocked didn’t seem opposed to the idea.

But Demi just couldn’t seem to get her head around things, as she talked to Siannise and admitted she really liked him.

Things certainly heated up the next day, as the islanders received a text that there’d be a recoupling, in which the boys would have to choose and the girl not chosen would be dumped from the island.

Natalia immediately made a play for Jamie and told him she’d like to be in a couple with him, however Demi and Shaughna both seemed dead set on Luke M.

So, with Luke stuck in a love triangle with the two girls, who will he choose to couple up with? And who will be sent packing?

Day 32

Love Island's Shaughna and Mike (©ITV)
Love Island's Shaughna and Mike (©ITV) ITV

Following her kiss with Luke M, Demi wasted no time sitting down with Jamie for a chat, as Luke M watched on with Siannise and Luke T.

Unfortunately for her, however, the conversation was cut short as Natalia came over to steal Jamie away.

Now settled into the villa, new boy Jamie felt it was the perfect time to address Callum about how he'd dumped Shaughna, although the advice may have fallen upon deaf ears.

Mike and Priscilla were chosen to spend a night in the hideaway, and Mike certainly showed her a good time, giving her a lap dance and licking cream off her legs.

Speaking in the boys food code, he revealed the next day that they'd got very hands on as he told Luke M, Luke T and Finn he'd had "tomato" and "tomata" for breakfast.

It seems Shaughna had finally put the whole drama with Callum behind her, as she later revealed to Mike that she fancied someone else in the villa, who just happened to be Luke M.

Mike joked that she'd "eat him alive" but encouraged her to go for it.

Jess and Ched were sent on their first date, and the pair returned to the villa feeling pretty secure after talking about property plans and having a family.

With a newcomer and the girls exploring their options, the atmosphere in the villa was pretty sweet - that's until Demi received a text about the day's challenge.

The islanders were made to read out newspaper headlines about the show and had to guess the names behind the stickers.

And it certainly ruffled a lot of feathers.

Siannise learned that Luke T had told the boys she'd got "naked" in the villa, and she was far from happy.

Mike on the other hand was accused of being a "snake" to Shaughna for his reaction to Callum picking Molly, and Callum was predicted to "cheat" on Molly.

Lastly, Finn was dumped in it as a headline suggested he'd had his "head turned" in the villa, causing Paige to kick off at him.

With Siannise, Molly and Paige fuming after the game, could this be the straw to break the camel's back?

Day 31

Love Island Luke and Demi
Love Island's Luke and Demi (ITV)

Newcomer Jamie certainly set pulses racing last night as he immediately chose two Love Island contestants to take on a date. Thankfully, he picked two singletons, Demi and Shaughna, to take out.

On the dates, Shaughna grilled Jamie on whether or not he was from Manchester, was a scaffolder, or indeed had ever been one. In good news for her, he wasn't happy with Callum and insisted he was going to have a word with him when he got in to the villa.

But no sooner had Shaughna found her knight in shining armour that he was taken away from her when he found himself getting on very well with Demi. They flirted over his chest tattoos and by the end of it, Demi decided she wanted to get to know Jamie a little more.

However, all of this was bad news for Luke M, who pulled Demi for a chat to see how Jamie was. Having been pied off twice before by other women, he was keen to know if his bad luck was going to continue. Unfortunately for the northern lad, his fears were confirmed when Demi admitted she was rather taken by Jamie. But then she ended their conversation with a kiss, leaving Luke M completely confused about whether she was blowing hot or cold.

Will Demi choose Luke M or Jamie when the time comes? And will Shaughna ever catch a break?

Day 30

Love Island Luke and Demi
Love Island's Luke and Demi (ITV)

It's all change on Love Island as the islanders reacted to Paige and Finley's romantic proposal - but not everyone was happy as Shaughna overheard Callum telling Molly she would be next.

However, there was so more light on the horizon as Demi turned her attentions to Luke M, who recently got pied off from his Casa Amor bombshell, Natalia. Siannise was happy to get them together, but with Natalia having second thoughts - will either of them catch a break?

The next day, Luke M got a bit of help from Luke T and Mike about how to chat to Demi after admitting he was keen to get closer to her. The boys gave him the confidence to get closer to her and later, Luke T admitted he had a plan to get some fire between them.

Luke T and Siannise decided to set up a romantic date for them, with some snacks on the day bed. Within minutes, Luke M and Demi were sharing their first kiss - is this the beginning of something special?

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However, there was a spanner in the works as Priscilla received a text telling the cast to meet around the fire pit. Luke M then announced there would be a double dumping from the villa - two couples would be sent home!

It wasn't meant to be for Rebecca and Jordan, and Nas and Eva, as they were sent packing.

And if that wasn't enough, Love Island revealed there would be a newcomer in the form of Jamie Clayton - but who does he have his eye on?

Day 29

Love Island's Paige and Finn (©ITV)
Love Island's Paige and Finn (©ITV)

Following Shaughna’s text, both her and Molly were sent out of the villa to talk.

The conversation started off a little frosty, however, the girls eventually warmed up to each other as Shaughna revealed that she felt led on by Callum.

Molly said it seemed like they knew two different Callum’s as he was quite affectionate with her and opened up to her quite soon, which he didn’t do with Shaughna.

Back at the villa, Callum was talking to the boys and admitted that it would be bad if Molly decided to bin him after her conversation with Shaughna and nobody was talking to him.

The girls returned in a better mood, but Shaughna wasn’t ready to make up with Callum, as the pair argued again that evening.

During their discussion, Shaughna stormed off, but after being calmed down by Paige, she marched back over to Callum and told him she didn’t want to argue with him anymore.

The islanders received a message that they could send one lucky couple to the hideaway and they instantly chose Siannise and Luke T... and did they have a great time or what! Wearing a very saucy two piece, Siannise gave Luke a lap dance before the couple cuddled up in bed.

The next morning, Siannise and Luke filled the girls and boys in on their nights.

As the afternoon approached, the islanders received a text that they’d be having a party with a special guest, who they all guessed to be Sean Paul.

The islanders partied the night away as the Jamaican singer performed some of his hits and latest songs for them.

Following the party, Finn had something big to tell Paige. As he pulled her to one side, he read out notes from his phone about their relationship.

The other islanders started to gather on the roof terrace at this point, causing a slightly confused Paige to turn around.

Finn then popped the question and asked her to be his girlfriend, to which she happily said yes to.

All the islanders cheered for them and they shared their first kiss as boyfriend and girlfriend.

The public were then asked to vote to save their favourite couple, with singletons Demi and Shaughna excluded.

So, who will be at risk? And with Paige and Finn now official, could they go all the way?

Day 27

Love Island's Callum and Molly (©ITV)
Love Island's Callum and Molly (©ITV)

It was time for Callum to face the music - following his return from Casa Amor with Molly - as the the recoupling resumed.

Laura asked if he had anything to say to Shaughna, to which he said he couldn’t fault her but just felt there was something missing and he’d found it with Molly.

Keeping strong, Shaughna admitted she knew it was going to happen and told him “congrats.”

Tearful, Shaughna then ran off with Paige, as she told her it was like she didn’t even know Callum anymore.

Molly advised Callum to go after her, but when they sat down for a conversation, Shaughna wasn’t impressed telling him she should have gone with his actions rather than his words.

After deciding to couple up with Eva, Nas thought it was best to sit down with Demi.

He told her he was sorry and that he just felt Eva was more his type, however, he didn’t want to kiss or do anything more with her before talking to Demi.

Demi accepted what he had to say, but admitted she was shocked by his decision.

Finn, Mike and Luke T gathered round Shaughna and told her they’d seen a different side to Callum at Casa Amor, which Molly might have brought out of him.

Still quite sensitive, Shaughna told the guys she didn’t want to hear anymore and went off to get ready for bed.

Meanwhile, Nas and Eva shared their first kiss on the roof terrace.

It ended with a very giddy Eva running off after smudging all her red lipstick.

That night, Demi and Shaughna shared a bed, but Demi couldn’t take her mind off Nas and Eva who were a few beds down clearly kissing under the covers.

The next morning, she confronted him and told him it was hard to see.

All the islanders were chilling by the pool when Shaughna received a message saying her and Molly would be going out to talk.

At which point, the camera then flashed to Callum and a slightly nervous Molly.

Will the girls be able to patch things up?

Day 26

Love Island's Paige and Finn (©ITV)
Love Island's Paige and Finn (©ITV)

The biggest test of Love Island came to an end as the islanders received a message that there would be a recoupling, in which they’d have to decide whether to couple up with someone new or stick with their original partner.

As the girls fretted, with Shaughna telling Paige she didn’t know if she could trust Callum, the boys anticipated a “fiery” recoupling as they enjoyed their last moments in Casa Amor.

“Everyone’s going to hate me when I get back,” Callum could be heard saying, hinting he was definitely going to choose Molly.

The night approached and in came host Laura ready to get down to business in the Main Villa.

She asked the new boys to stand while the original islanders made their decisions.

First up was Rebecca. Now single – since her partner Wallace was dumped from the island – the 21-year-old had no plans to stay on her own and coupled up with new boy Jordan.

Next was Mike, who was also left single following Sophie’s departure from the villa.

Before he went to Casa Amor, Mike declared his feelings for Jess, but they clearly weren’t strong enough as he returned to the Main Villa with Priscilla.

Speaking of his decision to recouple, Jess admitted she didn't “trust” him, so wasn’t surprised.

Catching every bit of Jess’ shade, Mike hit back, calling Priscilla “wifey material.”

Nevertheless, Jess decided to couple up with new boy Ched – who couldn’t be happier she’d chosen him.

The recoupling continued, with Luke M returning with new girl Natalia and a tearful Siannise being reunited with Luke T.

However, poor Demi was shocked to see Nas return with new girl Eva.

A true gent, Nas apologised to Demi, while Eva agreed to sit and have a chat with her later.

Paige and Finn decided to stay true to each other, as Paige chose not to couple up with one of the new boys and Finn returned to the villa all alone.

Laura told them they could finally get some sleep after Finn revealed he’d been sleeping outside, however, the couple joked about staying up late.

Sounds like these two are going to be doing bits!

With all but one boy back from Casa Amor, it was now time for Shaughna to find out whether Callum had stayed loyal.

Despite telling Laura she didn’t have “much faith” in Callum, Shaughna decided to stick with him and thanked the new boys for keeping her company over the last few days.

The 25-year-old then waited patiently for him to return, only for the 23-year-old scaffolder to walk in with new girl Molly seconds later.

We're still shaking just thinking about it!

Day 25

Love Island's Callum and Molly (©ITV)
Love Island's Callum and Molly (©ITV)

Another day of Casa Amor, another day of head turning.

New couples were beginning to form, with Mike and Priscilla, Callum and Molly, Nas and Eva, and Luke M and Natalia pretty much sealing the deal.

At first, Molly wasn’t too sure where Callum’s head was at, so asked the girls for some advice.

Priscilla and Natalia then convinced her to go over to Callum and make a small gesture, so she offered him a massage.

Mike later told Callum that Molly was interested in him, but was just waiting for him to make a move.

As the evening approached, both villas got dressed up for drinks with Priscilla unveiling her new blonde do’ – much to Mike’s approval.

The former police officer could barely take his eyes off her as she walked over to him.

Each villa had to take part in a rather explicit challenge called ‘Head over Heels’ where islanders had to place their hands and feet on emojis on the mat as directed.

They then had to perform a task while holding that position, including licking necks, sucking fingers, blowing a raspberry on someone’s belly and kissing.

Callum and Molly and Jess and Ched managed to win the challenge as they were the last couples standing in each villa.

And their win certainly lifted Callum’s spirit, as he pulled Molly for a chat and came clean about his feelings afterwards.

“I feel like when I came in here I didn’t think my head would turn. I did say it would take someone special for me to turn. And I do think that could potentially be you,” he gushed, before planting a kiss on her lips.

And they weren’t the only couple to get up, close and personal, with Priscilla ad Mike also making their feelings known with a kiss.

Over in the Main Villa, Shaughna was missing her man, as she told the girls she needed to do something to make things official with Callum.

Despite the pair only knowing each other for a month, Shaughna admitted she was ready to pack her bags and move to Manchester – where the 23-year-old Scaffolder resides.

Meanwhile, Jess was considering her options and told the girls she wanted to get to know Biggs more.

As the other girls distracted Ched and found out more about him, Jess chatted to Biggs by the kitchen.

However, when she returned from their chat – which involved him asking him whether her bum was fake (excuse me Biggs, where did you learn to flirt?) – it seemed Jess had a better spark with Ched.

Back at Casa Amor, Nas’s head was spinning, as he told new girl Eva she was more his type.

He admitted he wanted to speak to Demi - who he's coupled up with - before going any further with her.

Although we highly doubt this is the type of news she'll want to hear, after telling the girls she’d be gutted if he came back with another girl.

Sounds like things could go left when the islanders make their decisions tonight!

Day 24

The Love Island villas went head-to-head in a challenge (©ITV)
The Love Island villas went head-to-head in a challenge (©ITV)

From head turning, to lip locking, things were certainly shaking up on Love Island following the return of Casa Amor.

After the cocktail challenge, Rebecca and Jordan went for a cosy chat, as he admitted he didn’t plan on that being her first impression of him. He then asked if she’d let him try again, to which the model instantly replied: “I would let you try again” leading Jordan to plant a kiss on her.

Over at Casa Amor, Luke M was getting close to Natalia – who asked if she could share a bed with him.

Poor Finn, however, roughed it on a day bed outside, which the new girls were pretty impressed with. But others weren’t so keen on sleeping outside, with Callum waking up beside Molly the next morning while his girl Shaughna shacked up with Paige and Siannise on the roof terrace.

The villas were made to go head-to-head in a challenge named Raunchy Races, where they had to compete at completing tasks in the quickest times.

As the islanders were challenged to do things – including snog based on age and height, spoon and lap dance based on the number of tattoos and where their name comes in the alphabet – viewers saw Nas kiss Eva, Finn suck Natalia’s toe, Ched kiss Jess and Demi share a kiss with George.

The Main Villa came out on top, but after realising what the girls and boys they’re coupled up with had to do with someone else – based on their credentials – some islanders were feeling very nervous, especially Shaughna.

Callum on the other hand was having a whale of a time over in CA, as he laughed: “You’ve got to get involved and have a laugh, that’s what it’s all about to be honest.”

For Siannise, the challenge only confirmed her feelings, with the 25-year-old admitting: ““It made me realise even more that my head is definitely with Luke T.”

The same couldn’t be said for Callum though, as he couldn’t make up his mind about Shaughna and Molly.

As Molly tried to find out what Callum was thinking, Natalia helped by starting a round of quick-fire questions, and when she asked if Callum would kiss Molly that evening, he was left speechless.

He was then seen talking through his thoughts with Finn, as he admitted to having strong feelings for Molly.

Admitting he fancied her, Callum gushed: “Every time she walks past I’m just like…”

Finn then asked if he got the same feeling with Shaughna, to which he replied: “No.”

And it looks like Callum is about to make his feelings clear to Molly.

In a preview of tonight’s episode, he can be seen telling the 25-year-old model that it had to take someone “special” to turn his head, before pulling her in for a kiss.

Meanwhile over in the Main Villa, Shaughna can be heard moping to the girls about how much she misses him.

Oh, Shaughna, we feel for you!

Day 23

The Love Island boys in Casa Amor (©ITV)
The Love Island boys in Casa Amor (©ITV)

It all kicked off on Love Island, as the boys received a message telling them they were going to Casa Amor.

They each had to pack a bag without the girls noticing and sneak out of the villa, but while some remembered their ladies with Nas, Finn and Luke T leaving behind gifts for their other halves, Callum’s mind seemed to be elsewhere as he forgot to do the same for Shaughna.

This certainly didn’t go unnoticed by the 25-year-old, who sobbed: “Every single bed had stuff on it apart from mine. I go for the idiots all the time. I just feel like it’s happening again. It’s just annoying.”

Flash forward to Casa Amor and it was a completely different story, as the boys practised press ups and checked their reflections in the mirrors while they waited to meet their new girls.

And things certainly heated up as Molly, Priscilla, Jade, Eva, Jamie and Natalia entered the villa.

The guys immediately sat down with the girls to find out who they were interested in, and Luke M was a firm favourite with almost all the girls admitting to fancying him.

Unfortunately Luke T didn’t have any admirers – much to his annoyance, as he admitted to liking the look of a few girls.

Erm… Luke, what about Siannise, you know the girl you’re coupled up with?

Back in the main villa, the girls were also being acquainted with their new guests, as Laura Whitmore introduced them to George, Alexi, Josh, Biggs, Ched and Jordan.

Rebecca’s eyes instantly lit up, as she flirted with new boy Ched and commented on his “very big chest.”

Shaughna, however, was having doubts as she confessed that she didn’t trust Callum.

Both villas were made to play a game where they had to compete at making cocktails the quickest by transferring the ingredients from each other’s mouths.

Although Casa Amor came out on top, Rebecca was far from upset about losing the challenge, as she enjoyed getting up, close, and personal with new boy Jordan – who she later told the girls was her first choice.

Jess also had her eye on Jordan, but admitted to fancying Biggs and Ched as well.

Back in Casa Amor, Callum was struggling to keep his eyes off Molly. After the challenge, the duo both talked on a day bed, with Molly asking if she could join him in his bed later that night.

“Jump in,” he smiled, as the camera switched to Mike who could be heard telling Luke M: “Now we’re seeing the real Callum.”

Meanwhile, new boy Josh put all his cards on the table for Shaughna as he told her he could offer her “more” than Callum.

And if you thought that was a lot, things are set to get very saucy on tonight, with a preview clip showing Siannise doing some interesting dance moves in her bikini and Demi flirting with a new guy.

It’s all happening!

Day 22

The Love Island contestants played a game of Snog, Marry, Pie (©ITV)
The Love Island contestants played a game of Snog, Marry, Pie (©ITV)

Following Friday’s votes, some of the islanders were feeling a bit anxious.

Luke M revealed he was having second thoughts about Jess and the love triangle with Mike was putting him off her.

Meanwhile, Jess told the girls that she wasn’t feeling Luke M and Mike was more her usual type.

The islanders had to take part in a challenge known as Snog, Marry and Pie, where they each had to choose an islander to kiss, propose to, or pie in the face with a whipped cream dessert. And things certainly got messy!

Sophie and Demi ended up with the most proposals, meanwhile Siannise and Rebecca received a few pies in their face.

Justifying his move as he pied Siannise in the face, Nas revealed that he was getting her back for “pie-ing” him in Week One. Nevertheless, the pair made up as Siannise chose to give him a kiss on the cheek when it was her turn and apologised for how she’d treated him.

Luke T made it very clear that he was all for “bro code”, as he pied Jess in the face for not making up her mind with Luke M. However, clearly not abiding by any codes, Rebecca made a savage move as she snogged Luke T right in front of Siannise’s face and pied Wallace – who she’s coupled up with.

Following in Rebecca’s footsteps, Jess also made some very bold choices, opting to snog Mike instead of Luke. She did get down on one knee for Luke, but it wasn’t good enough as he took his ring off.

Speaking in the Beach Hut later, Luke told the cameras he was surprised Jess had forgiven Mike for mugging her off in Week One.

“She’s got ‘Mug’ written right across her forehead,” he said.

After the challenge, Luke decided to pull Jess for a chat where he told her he felt “disrespected” and that she wasn’t the type of person he wanted to be with. The conversation got heated as the duo called each other “fake”, and subsequently put an end to their situation.

Clearly over her tiff with Luke, Jess was later spotted kissing Mike on a day bed as the duo agreed to give things another go. But tensions hit fever pitch, as the islanders were told to gather by the fire pit to reveal the outcome of Friday’s votes.

The public decided to save Siannise and Luke T, and Jess and Luke M, which meant the safe islanders now had to decide to save one person from each couple.

In the end, they chose to save Mike and Rebecca, dumping both Sophie and Wallace from the island.

And with Casa Amor returning tonight and 12 new islanders arriving, things could be about to get even messier!

So, who will jump ship and who will stay loyal?

Day 20

Love Island's Mike and Luke M (©ITV)
Love Island's Mike and Luke M (©ITV)

Things got heated in the Love Island villa as Luke M went over to interrupt Mike and Jess’ conversation, after declaring that Mike was beginning to “p**” him off.

As he joined them at the day beds, Mike cheekily asked if he wanted to take his place sitting next to Jess, but Luke wasn’t interested in the chit-chat.

Feeling awkward, Mike decided to leave them to it, but could be heard getting cocky with the other islanders, as he told them it was nice to see that Luke had some “bite” because he was going to need it.


Meanwhile Wallace wasn’t feeling his situation with Rebecca and told the boys he didn’t think she was putting in much effort.

This comes after he made her a nice breakfast of avocado on toast, however, Rebecca wasn’t too keen, telling the others she didn’t like avocado.

This message happened to get back to Rebecca and she wasn’t pleased.

She confronted Wallace and told him that she thought they weren’t suited romantically, putting an end to their relationship.

All seemed to be going well in the villa for the rest of the day, but as we know nothing stays good for long in Love Island, with the islanders then receiving a message to gather by the fire pit.

Each couple had to vote for two couples, who they thought were the least compatible.

Siannise and Luke T, Jess and Luke M, Rebecca and Wallace, and Mike and Sophie received the most votes, so were automatically put at risk of being dumped from the island.

The public were then given the chance to vote to save their favourite couple.

But will we see one couple go or will there be another infamous Love Island twist?

The drama continues on Sunday ...

Day 19

Love Island Jess
Love Island Jess (ITV)

The fallout from Leanne Amaning's dumping continued as Shaughna Phillips was particularly annoyed to see her friend sent packing - so much so, she took her anger out on Sophie Piper.

In a tense chat between the pair, Sophie explained she didn't know where her head was at in relation to former fling, Connor Durman, and at the moment there was no one else, but she would give new boys a chance.

Shaughna insisted she would have been gutted to have seen new girl Demi Jones leave if Nas Majeed chose to save Sophie for friendship reasons.

Sophie took the comment badly and went on to say she felt it was a sign no one wanted her in the villa - which absolutely wasn't the case.

But the tension rumbled on to the following day as Shaughna felt put out her lover Callum Jones didn't stick up for her.

Later on, the couples put their own naughty knowledge to the test as they competed in a sex position challenge - which Nas and Demi won.

And it was a great night for Nas who bagged a kiss with Demi - his first in the villa! Is this the start of something magical between the pair?

Meanwhile the main drama of the night involved Mike Boateng, Jess Gale and Luke Mabbott, as the former made a play for the blonde bombshell.

Luke M wasn't happy to see it, but Jess insisted she only had eyes for him.

But in tomorrow's episode, it seems Jess is having second thoughts on Luke altogether - has Mike won the war?

Day 18

Love Island's Leanne (©ITV)
Love Island's Leanne (©ITV)

Following his split from Leanne, Mike decided to crack on with Sophie and Jess.

As he sat down for a chat with Sophie, she told him she was just checking in on him like a “big sis” however Mike wasn’t going to let her blatant family zoning get in the way of his plan.

After she told him he could meet someone new, he smiled: “Why someone new and not someone already here.”

Meanwhile, Rebecca had had enough of being in a love triangle with Luke T and Siannise and decided to call things off with Luke.

Now free to be a couple, Luke T and Siannise celebrated by sharing a kiss on a day bed.

However, Wallace – who could see the whole thing – was no longer sure about his feelings for Siannise.

The next day, Mike made a play for Jess, as he told her he wanted to explore things further between them.

Leanne was less than impressed, however, as she complained to Sophie about Mike moving on so near to her.

Later that day, Mike went over to clear the air with Leanne, but she wasn’t too keen on talking and their conversation was cut short.

As he walked off, she could be heard muttering: “Go away! So obsessed with me.”

Things looked to be going swimmingly well with Nas and new girl Demi, as they had a little gym session together.

And it was certainly hotting up for Paige and Finn – who the other islanders chose as the first couple to spend a night in the Hideaway.

But the mood certainly dulled, as Luke M received a message just as the islanders were enjoying a glitzy party.

Luke announced that there’d be a recoupling in which the boys would choose and the girl not pick would be dumped.

Activating major damage control, Sophie and Leanne chatted to Nas and Mike, but Shaughna wasn’t keen on the girls trying to influence Nas’ choice when he had a chance at having a romantic couple with Demi.

In the end, Nas chose to couple up with Demi, and in probably one of the most dramatic recoupling scenes to date, Mike made a bold move and chose Sophie, dumping Leanne from the island.

And if you thought that was explosive, it looks like things are about to really kick off tonight.

In a teaser for tonight’s episode, Leanne is seen having a heated discussion with Mike in her last moments in the villa.

Meanwhile, Shaughna isn’t too happy with Sophie and pulls her to the side, resulting some very teary scenes.

Oh dear!

Day 17


Love Island 2020's Leanne coming clean to Mike (©ITV)

This episode certainly shook up a lot of current couples and introduced the possibility of some new ones.

Nas finally went on his date with Demi, and it was as sweet as the dessert he fed her from his spoon.

Sophie and Wallace’s date didn’t have the same effect, however, as she told him it would take someone really special to turn her head, following Connor’s departure.

After their dates, all the islanders gathered around the fire pit to meet the new contestants and debrief.

While Demi kept her cards close to her chest, Wallace didn’t hold back and admitted that he clicked the most with Siannise, prompting a slightly jealous Luke T to grab her for a chat.

As they talked, Luke confessed to the 25-year-old that he was leaning more towards her and was ready to tell Rebecca – who he’s in a couple with.

After having doubts about her relationship with Mike, Leanne finally came clean.

The 22-year-old revealed she’d “got the ick” and no longer wanted him to touch or kiss her – ouch!

It was now time to deliver the bad news to Mike, who although understanding, admitted he was a little surprised.

And they weren’t the only couple on the rocks, as Rebecca began to sense something between Siannise and Luke T.

As she sat in the garden with Leanne, she could see the pair making breakfast together and giggling, and it didn’t sit well with her at all.

“I feel like I’m being mugged off,” she said, at which point Leanne revealed that Luke had told Siannise he was more interested in her.

So, with Mike and Leanne now single, and Rebecca sounding as if she could kick Luke T to the curb any minute now, things could be set to take a completely different turn.

In the preview of tonight’s episode, it looks like Mike is already moving on during a conversation with Sophie.

As the 21-year-old comforts him telling him his dream girl could come in, Mike hints that this woman could already be in the villa.

And with a surprise recoupling set to send one girl home tonight, we wonder who Mike will choose to couple up with …

Day 16

Love Island
Love Island Connor (©ITV)

It was an emotional night in the Love Island villa, as Connor was sent packing after the other islanders decided to save Sophie over him.

Despite not leaving with him, Sophie later questioned whether she should have walked, however, Shaughna and Paige assured her.

Connor’s departure certainly seemed to shake things up, with Leanne second guessing her relationship with Mike.

Speaking in the Beach Hut, the 22-year-old admitted that Connor’s exit had given her a “kick up the bum” and she no longer wanted to waste time on the ITV series if she wasn’t “feeling” a situation.

Rebecca and Siannise finally buried the hatchet, following their heated row over Rebecca picking Luke T.

With the help of Jess, Siannise decided to pull Rebecca for a chat. The conversation ended with both girls agreeing to put the issue behind them and continue getting to know Luke T.

Later on, the islanders took part in a very gruesome shopping trolley challenge, which saw them transferring food and drink into their other half’s mouth and filling up containers.

Shaughna and Callum proved to be the least squeamish couple, winning the challenge by far.

The drama heated up, as Nas received a text informing the islanders that two new islanders were entering the villa and would choose three contestants each to cook them a starter, main and dessert.

New islander Wallace Wilson chose Siannise, Paige and Sophie to prepare his meals, meanwhile Demi Jones – a 21-year-old style advisor – opted for Finley, Luke M and Nas.

While everyone was pretty much over the moon Nas had been given a shot at love, the dates rubbed some islanders up the wrong way.

Luke T confessed to the boys that Siannise being picked had given him a “kick up the bum” as he was leaning more towards her than his partner Rebecca, and Paige certainly wasn’t pleased Finley had been chosen.

And things hit fever pitch when Finn and Demi had their date.

The pair appeared to get on like a house on fire, with the other islanders over hearing them laughing and joking – much to Paige’s dismay.

In the teaser for this night’s episode it looks like things could be about to get messier, as Leanne can be heard telling the girls she’s “got the ick” around Mike – could it all be over for the couple?

Day 15

Love Island 2020
Love Island 2020's Siannise and Rebecca argued (©ITV)

After the fall-out from the recoupling, Siannise wasn't happy to see Rebecca pick her man.

She decided to confront Rebecca the next day, wondering why she felt it was ok to betray her.

However, a stern argument broke out between the pair as Siannise accused Rebecca of being too heartless surrounding the incident.

Siannise was left in tears after the argument, while Rebecca didn't think she could do anything wrong - but she did find comfort in Luke T which seemed to sweeten what happened.

Meanwhile, Shaughna and Callum headed out on their first date together.

However, Laura Whitmore arrived with a huge bombshell, telling the islanders the public had been voting and their least favourite couple would be in danger.

In the end, Sophie and Connor were revealed as the vulnerable pair, with one of them being sent home at the decision of their fellow islanders.

Who will be sent home, Sophie or Connor?

Day 13

Love Island 2020
Love Island 2020 recoupling (©ITV)

In one of the most shocking recouplings of Love Island history, Siannise and Rebecca locked horns. They were both chasing newcomer, Luke T, but as Rebecca went first, she got her man.

The recoupling started off fairly straight-forward, with the following couples sticking together:

Jess - who was previously with Nas - chose to follow her heart and go for Luke M who she previously enjoyed a date with.

Sophie, who was originally coupled-up with Connagh decided to go on to get back with her original partner, Connor.

Rebecca then opted to go with Luke T, leaving Siannise with a difficult decision to make: would she go back to Connagh who she originally fancied, or would she choose Nas who she friendzoned in the first week?

After being played one too many times by Connagh, Siannise decided to keep her friend in the villa so he could find love.

In a major twist, Connagh left the villa.

Day 12

Love Island Siannise
Love Island Siannise

Well, it royally kicked off last night on Love Island as just minutes into the episode, Connagh was forced to come clean on his kiss with Rebecca to Siannise - even though they didn't even have anything romantic going on.

Poor Siannise has been messed about a fair bit and it seems she didn't take the news too well, ranting in the confessional that it was "his loss, hun".

But just like that it was a new day in the villa and the boys had to take on the brilliantly-named, "Lads Vegas" challenge, where they completed an obstacle course dressed as Elvis (if the King wore tiny gold hot pants) before "marrying" their loves at the top of the slippy hill.

Sophie had to sit that one out because she was ill, so Connor decided to marry Siannise in the fictional scenes.

Later on, the girls received an exciting text, revealing two boys would be entering the villa that night - Luke T and Luke M.

As they all got ready, it was clear the existing boys were worried, which was even more evident when the Lukes arrived and the girls immediately seemed interested.

There was unexpected drama from Paige and Finley when she started shouting at him for not showing her enough attention in front of the new boys - suggesting there's trouble at paradise there.

The Lukes had their first night dates arranged for them by the public, and you all decided to send Jess and Siannise out with them.

But in the teaser for this evening's episode, there's more trouble in store as Sophie and Connor seem to have another fall-out over his behaviour - is this the final straw for her?

Day 10

Rebecca continued to make her mark on Love Island 2020, and pulled every man for a chat so she could make her final decision.

After flirting with Callum, Finley and Connagh, it's safe to say the Geordie beauty queen had just about upset all the girls in the villa.

What's more, her chat with Connagh brought about one of the most awkward moments we've ever seen, when Siannise decided to ask him about marriage and kids in a bid to attract him... oh dear.

Shaughna also had some good news as Callum decided he wanted to stick with his original girl, so to help him break the news gently to Rebecca, he drafted a template text to her. You can't be too sure!

However, it seemed Connagh's mind was set despite what Siannise did, and by the end of the episode, Rebecca got her lips on Connagh for a cheeky smooch.

But with two new boys - Luke M and Luke T - about to enter the villa, are the couples about to be shaken up again?

Day 9

Love Island's Rebecca and Callum shared a smooch (©ITV)
Love Island's Rebecca and Callum shared a smooch (©ITV)

Following the arrival of Rebecca on Love Island previously, the existing girls were feeling pretty defensive about losing their men to her.

After successfully raising Callum and Connor's heart rates the most, the new girl got to take them on a date in the hideaway.

Connor went up first and he seemed to really connect with Rebecca, but did kind of hint he still had strong feelings for Sophie and later on in the episode, his love interest declared the same and shared a smooch - behind Connagh's back.

Meanwhile, Rebecca and Callum seemed to have sparks flying with the Geordie new girl. After telling her he wasn't completely dedicated to Shaughna, Rebecca wanted to get to know him better.

Shaughna made her own feelings known about Rebecca the following day when she pulled her to one side for a painfully cringe-worthy chat, basically saying Callum is hers - but feisty Rebecca felt otherwise and said she will go for who she wants.

Later on in the evening, a saucy game of dares got a little out of hand as Rebecca was told to kiss the two men she fancied the most, opting for Connagh and Callum. Shaughna, who was visibly annoyed by this, started to kick off, but not before proclaiming Mike was the biggest game player.

As the preview for tonight's instalment hints at Mike's doubts and Shaughna's eruption, is there trouble in paradise?

Day 8

Siannise Love Island ©ITV

Things got hot and steamy in Love Island last night - with dates, dances and a dramatic entrance.

After a rocky start, Mike and Leanne appeared stronger than ever after they had their first date outside the villa, where the pair were asked to give each other massages.

The Islanders were then asked to take part in the Dirty Dancers challenge, where both the boys and the girls had to perform sexy dances for one another in order to get their heart rates up.

While the girls gave it their all, they were all outshone by surprise newcomer Rebecca, who performed the final dance.

When Paige read out the results, both Connor and Callum had their heart raised the most by Rebecca - which saw them win a date in the Hideaway with her. Will their heads be turned?

Day 7

Love Island Paige (ITV)

The effects of the recoupling are still being felt in the Love Island villa, with Connor calling Connagh a "snake" for choosing to couple up with Sophie.

Siannise wasn't over the moon about the recoupling either, telling Connagh she felt "like a d**khead" for not being chosen.

But Sophie lost her patience when Mike waded in and gave his opinion on the matter, telling him that it's not really any of his business.

Elsewhere, things hotted up between Paige and Finley, after the pair shared a kiss when they won the challenge.

But with the announcement of a brand new girl entering the villa, there may be trouble in paradise already...

Day 6


The episode saw the girls go head to head in military-style challenge ‘Booty camp’. And, yes, it involved plenty of bum shaking. The task asked the women of the villa to complete an assault course while dodging the boys’ water balloons, kissing the guy of their choice at the end.

The official winner? Siânnise, as voted by the boys. However, Connagh certainly did well out of the challenge, with Shaughna, Sophie and Siânnise choosing to smooch the newcomer.

But it wasn’t all fun and bum-based games, with the islanders forced to face a brutal recoupling in the evening, in which the boys got to pick which girl they wanted to pair up with.

And there was plenty to talk about. Firstly: Connor. The coffee bean salesman was left sulking with his arms folded after Connagh decided to couple up with Sophie. “I've found myself in a situation and I feel like I've been snaked out a little bit,” Connor said as he was forced to pair up with Siânnise instead.

The recoupling also spelt disaster for Eve, who was left single and dumped from the island. The 20-year-old was left standing alone after Nas – the last boy to couple up – chose to become a twosome with Jess, Eve’s identical twin sister.

How will Jess cope without her sister? Will Connor win back Sophie? And will Connagh enjoy yet more casual kisses in the next challenge? Only time will tell…

Day 5

Love Island boys (ITV)

There's fresh meat in the villa as two new boys entered the cast of Love Island 2020.

Connagh and Finley had to pick two girls each to go on a wine-tasting date with, with Connagh picking Sophie and Finley opting for Siannise.

Despite a tetchy morning and enjoying her date with Connagh, Sophie decides she prefers Connor. Siannise enjoys the date with Finley, but thinks the five-year age difference could be problematic.

Next up, Connagh picked Shaughna for his second date, while Finley decided on Paige. While she initially had her eyes on Callum, Shaughna admitted her head "had been fully turned" by the Welsh model - just as Callum realised he's more interested in her over Eve - typical.

After a game of dares sees Connagh smooch Sophie, Connor decides to pull him over and tell him his feelings - much to Sophie's annoyance.

But with the news one girl will be dumped from the island tomorrow, could attitudes change?

Day 4

Love Island Ollie leaves villa (ITV)

Things have stepped up a gear in Love Island as we had our first departure from the Love Island 2020 cast.

Upon realising he still had feelings for his ex-girlfriend, Ollie left the villa, with the rest of the Islanders wishing him well.

Elsewhere, Leanne and Mike stepped their relationship up a notch. When Mike chose to sleep in the villa's new 'Dog House', Leanne decided to join him - with the pair sharing a smooch.

However, Jess is still not happy at Mike's decision to pie her off, saying there was no need to be friendly but the pair can be "cool".

There was tension between Siannise and Nas, after crossed wires saw Siannise tell her partner that she was "not interested in him romantically - at all." Ouch.

Meanwhile, newly-single Paige received a text saying there was to be two new boys entering the villa - which saw Connor deliver some sharp words to a gleeful Sophie.

Will our new arrivals Connagh and Finley shake things up?

Day 3

Love Island Leanne and Shaughna (ITV)

As twins Jess and Eve went on a double date with Callum and Mike, Shaughna and Leanne were left fuming - with things getting awkward when the foursome returned from their date.

While Mike pulled Leanne aside to reassure her, Shaughna was left feeling disappointed when Callum failed to seek her out - with Shaughna confessing in the Beach Hut: "I want a man, not a son."

With Mike then realising Leanne gave him butterflies, he decided to tell Jess that he was no longer interested in getting to know her and would no longer be sharing a bed with her, much to Jess's surprise.

Elsewhere, things got awkward for Ollie and Paige, after Siannise told Paige that Ollie had previously revealed he was interested in her. A heated conversation between Ollie and Paige left a sour mood in the villa.

Day 2

Eve and Jess Love Island (ITV)

Things are already starting to get tense in the villa, after the arrival of twins Eve and Jess ruffled feathers.

Shaughna announced to the other girls she was "fine" - but admitted in the Beach Hut she was "s**tting herself" at the prospect of losing Callum.

And it seems she was right to be nervous with the twins marking Callum, Mike and Connor as their type.

Things then got steamy in the 'Spill the Tea' challenge, with our Islanders sharing a few smooches as they guessed secrets about each other - it was a difficult one for Connor and Ollie, after it was Connor who was unveiled to have more than 100 sexual partners and Ollie had cheated on his ex-girlfriend eight or nine time.

The twins found themselves getting heated after they realised they both wanted to couple up with Callum, but Jess coupled up with Mike and Eve coupled up with Callum - leaving Shaughna and Leanne single.

Day 1

Love Island - Siannise and Nas (ITV)

Paige, Siannise, Shaughna, Leanne and Sophie were the first girls to enter the villa, with new host Laura Whitmore welcoming them to their new digs.

The (somewhat awkward) coupling up ceremony saw our very first couples of the series.

After no-one stepped forward, Nas chose to couple up with Siannise.

Callum coupled up with Shaughna after she stepped forward.

Ollie coupled up with Paige after no-one stepped forward.

Connor coupled up with Sophie after she stepped forward.

Mike coupled up with Leanne after he stepped forward.

However, there’s trouble in paradise already – Ollie admitted to Siannise that he had his eye on her, Mike confided in the boys that Leanne isn’t opening up to him, and Connor and Sophie seemed to fall out after his awkward threesome comment during truth or dare.

Our first twist of the series arrived when twins Jess and Eve sashayed into the villa, causing some heads to turn already…


Love Island continues weeknights and Sundays at 9pm on ITV2