While the action on Love Island 2020 continues to delight, it seems there's plenty of bombshells on the way to put trouble in paradise.


Enter Rebecca Gormley, a part-time model and carer from Newcastle, who made a dramatic entrance during week three, when she gave every boy a lap dance with a kiss.

We have everything you need to know about the new girl in the South African villa, including who she's after from the existing contestants.

Rebecca Gormley - Key Facts

Age: 21

Job: Part-time model and carer

Instagram: @rebeccagormleyx

Coupled up with: Wallace

Rebecca's time in the Love Island villa so far...

Rebecca certainly stirred up the pot when she arrived in the Love Island villa.

Turning heads and making hearts race, she dressed as a Grecian goddess and set about lap dancing on every boy while the girls looked on in meme-creating horror.

After making Connor Durman and Callum Jones' hearts race the most in the challenge, Rebecca got to date both of them, which really wound their partners up.

She then decided to get to know Connagh Howard, but that was short-lived, too, as she dumped him to go for Luke Trotman.

Luke T started to doubt their relationship and he decided he wanted to pursue things with Siannise Fudge.

As a result, Rebecca had a conversation with Wallace Wilson and the pair coupled up together - but is it just for friendship?

How old is Rebecca?

Viewers were thrown into a state of confusion over Rebecca's age, with many thinking she was significantly older than her profile.

However, we can confirm Rebecca is the tender age of 21.

What has been Rebecca's most disastrous date?

Rebecca seems to have had her fair share of disastrous dates, but one particularly sticks out in her mind.

Ahead of her entrance in the villa, the part-time model and carer said: "When I arrived at the date, I got out of the car and my dress had split all the way up the back. I didn't know!

"My date told me. We got safety pins in the restaurant and pinned it together!"

Who is Rebecca's celebrity crush?

It's perhaps who you weren't considering, but Rebecca seems to be after a fictional character.

"Christian Grey from Fifty Shades of Grey. He's a man who knows what he wants," she admitted.

Which boys in the villa does Rebecca have her eye on and what's her plan for them?

Unfortunately for the girls in the villa, Rebecca fancies three guys who are already safely coupled up.

"Connagh, Callum and Mike," she revealed, who are in partnerships with Sophie, Shaughna and Leanne, respectively.

After saying she will go "as far as she needs to" to get the man of her dreams, it seems Rebecca also has a game plan to lure them.

Rebecca explained: "I need to chat to them. I haven't seen enough of them to know how I'm going to approach it. I like funny guys so I'm thinking making the guy laugh is a tick in the box. But no smooth moves, I'll just be myself."

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