Winter Love Island is well underway, with a group of young singles converging on a luxury villa in South Africa in the hopes of finding a partner.


Here's everything you need to know about the London-based islander Shaughna Phillips as she joins the Love Island 2020 contestants.

Shaughna Phillips - Key Facts

Age: 25

Job: Democratic Services Officer

Instagram: @shaughnaphillips

Coupled up with: Callum

In three words: Funny, easy-going but a little bit bossy

Shaughna's time in the Love Island villa so far...

Shaughna has had a pretty rough ride in the villa, after coupling up with Callum Jones.

She thought she was pretty set but before she could get used to her man, he was whipped away from her by twins Eve and Jess Gale.

Eve later chose to recouple with him, leaving Shaughna vulnerable and single.

Hope came for her when Connagh Howard entered the villa and showed her a bit of interest - but she was merely using him to get Callum back.

And thankfully it worked, so the pair could spend more time together before the next hurdle in the form of Geordie beauty queen, Rebecca Gormley.

She initially found Callum attractive and while he was up to getting to know her, Shaughna was furious and tried once more to win her man back.

Callum decided he wanted to go back to his original flame and the pair have been living fairly happily, but for how long?

What is Shaughna looking for in a man?

"Funny, a little bit smart, not smarter than me as I’d get really annoyed," she says. "I want someone I can watch the news with and have a conversation about it. I also want someone that gets along with their parents and who dresses nice and looks nice although looks aren’t everything."

She says that her celebrity crush is former Love Island winner Jack Fincham.

What does Shaughna think makes her perfect for Love Island?

Shaughna describes herself as "funny, chatty and clever" and says that people will be shocked when they hear certain things about her - though it may not be as shocking as her desire to go into politics after her stint in the villa.

She says her worst habit is to think she's always right - or "knowing she's always right." She adds, "Also I never know when to shut up, there are some battles you won’t win, but I’m still going to try." But we shouldn't expect too many falling outs from her - she claims she likes to get on with everyone too.

What is a turn off for Shaughna?

Shaughna is not interested in people who love themselves or that won't listen to you. She says that in those instances, "I just think go and annoy someone else."

What is Shaughna's most disastrous dating experience?

"Being on a first date with a guy and getting a cab home to mine and my most recent ex-boyfriend was sat outside my house in his car crying. I was furious. The date didn’t know how to react and just pretended to be on the phone. I ended up being with him for a year and a half after that."


Love Island begins on ITV2 at 9pm on Sunday 12th January and continues weeknights and Sundays.