The drama is certainly hotting up on this year’s Love Island.


And it looks like more feathers could be ruffled, as new bombshells enter the villa.

Introducing Demi Jones, a style advisor from Portsmouth, who is willing to do whatever it takes to find the right man.

Here's everything you need to know about the 21-year-old bombshell heading to South Africa.

Demi Jones – Key Facts

Age: 21

From: Portsmouth

Job: Style advisor at a boutique

Instagram: @demijones1

In three words: Definitely bubbly, reliable, friendly

Coupled up with: Nas

Demi's time in the Love Island villa so far...

Demi Jones made pulses race when she arrived in the villa and immediately opted for Finley, Luke M and Nas.

Out of the three, she seemed to click with Nas the most as the pair enjoyed a very romantic date.

And at the recoupling, Nas chose to couple up with her.

Could they be the real deal?

What does Demi think makes her perfect for Love Island?

Demi describes herself as “Definitely bubbly, reliable, friendly”, however, the other islanders might have an issue with her untidiness, which she believes is her worst habit.

“I think when boys see me they go for my looks and don’t want to get to know me on a deeper level. Whereas I like to think I’ve got a bit of personality to go with it – I’m bubbly and fun,” she said.

What is she looking for in a man?

“Someone macho and mature. Someone sexy! I like cheekiness, also at the same time they’ve got to make me laugh,” she revealed.

Demi says her celebrity crush is either Tom Hardy or Zac Efron, and she currently has her eye on this year’s contestants, Nas Majeed and Finley Tapp – a bit awkward for Siannise Fudge and Paige Turley, who the boys happen to be coupled up with.

How far is she prepared to go in the villa to get the guy she wants?

Demi doesn’t sound too worried about stepping on anyone’s toes in the villa, and admits she won’t “beat around the bush” when it comes to choosing someone to couple up with.

“I’m not going to beat around the bush. If I’m coupled up with someone I’m not happy with and if there’s someone I vibe with, I will have to say something, I’ll have to get my feelings across,” she said.

She won’t have an issue with dumping someone either, admitting her “eyes could start wandering”.

“I would like to say I’m 99% loyal. However, if my boyfriend or someone I’m talking to is not giving me the right attention or affection then my eyes could start wandering. It only takes a boy to give you a bit of attention when you’re not getting it from the right person, for you to be swayed,” she added.

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