Love Island’s Nas kisses Eva behind Demi’s back and admits his head “could be turned”

The curse of Casa Amor strikes again!

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Love Island: SR6: Ep24 on ITV2

Pictured: Eva kisses Nas during the Raunchy Races challenge.

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Love Island fans know things can get pretty heated once Casa Amor returns – take last year for instance, when Michael Griffiths returned with new girl Joanna Chimonides while his partner Amber Gill was waiting for him in the Main Villa.


Nobody expected it then, and many probably won’t be expecting what’s about to happen on tonight’s show to go down either.

In a teaser clip for tonight, Nas Majeed – who has been a firm favourite with fans – kisses new girl Eva Zapico, despite being coupled up with Demi Jones.

The 23-year-old builder snogs her during tonight’s challenge as the villas go head-to-head in a game called Raunchy Races.

In the challenge, which involves several of the islanders locking lips, the shortest boy and girl are told they have to kiss.

Nas and Eva then share a lingering kiss with one another as the other contestants watch on.

Their passionate kiss comes after Nas admitted his head “could be turned” by the stunning recruitment consultant.

And fans are now convinced he’ll be doing a Michael and ditching Demi.

“Nas wtf you were our king. Stop flirting with Eva,” one wrote on Twitter.

Another added: “Gotta say though out of all the boys and girls it will be the biggest shock ever if Nas turns to Eva because he’s been the most innocent one there since day one. Like I said, true colours WILL be revealed.”

But while some might be mourning Demi and Nas’ love affair, many are here for Nas’ new romance, with viewers calling for him to make it official with Eva.

“Nas should hook up with Eva,” one said.

“Nas and Eva makes every bit of sense though,” another added.

Echoing the same thoughts, a third wrote: “Omg I AM SO HERE FOR NAS AND EVA.”

And judging by Demi’s behaviour, she might not be too bothered either as she seems to be getting very close to new boy George Day.

In scenes set to air tonight, George will make his feelings known to Demi, saying: “As soon as I walked in it was you. For me, you stand out.”

And during the Raunchy Races challenge, the 21-year-old will also share a kiss with George, who then tells her: “You’re mustard and I’m having you on toast.”

And the award for The Worst Chat Up Line goes to…


Love Island airs weeknights and Sundays on ITV2 at 9pm