Love Island’s Siannise furious at Luke T as she insists she didn’t get “naked” after he bragged to the boys

Poor Siannise!

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Looks like there’s trouble in paradise for everyone’s favourite Love Island couple.


In a teaser clip for tonight’s episode, a furious Siannise Fudge insists that she didn’t get “naked” in the hideaway after finding out Luke Trotman bragged to the boys.

On Monday night, the loved up duo were sent to the Hideaway for some alone time. And they certainly turned up the heat, as Siannise gave Luke a lap dance, before the couple cuddled under the covers.

However, the next day the pair told two very different stories to the boys and girls, as Luke revealed Siannise had undressed right down to her birthday suit.

“She took off all her gear, it was under the covers but still,” he said.

And the comment came back to haunt him days later, as the islanders played headline game News Splash – where they were made to read out newspaper headlines and guess which islander(s) they were about.

One particular headline rubbed Siannise up the wrong way, as Shaughna read out: “Love Island fans predict heartbreak for Siannise Fudge after Luke T tells boys she got naked in Hideaway.”

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Furious, Siannise later told the camera: “Whether I got naked or not, that’s mine and his business and he should have respected me a lot more than to go around bragging about it.”

And it doesn’t look like she’s about to let this one slide with Luke T, as she vents to the girls in the teaser clip.

“Comments like that – especially something so personal – has made me very wary of him now,” she says.

Fans are now calling for Luke T to make it right, as they fear things could be all over for the couple.

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Taking to Twitter, one wrote: “Siannise and Luke T better pull through. We are too deep into this and there is no turning back.”

Another added: “Please don’t let Siannise and Luke T break up, I wanted them to win.”

Annoyed at Luke for putting his foot right in it, one commented: “But why would Luke T tell the lads that Siannise got naked? Men and their mouths.”

“Really felt for Siannise, I bet her heart sank. I still believe a gentleman should not disclose anything intimate outside the relationship. Disappointed in Luke T but I hope it can be sorted,” a fourth said.

Will Luke and Siannise be able to put the drama behind them?


Winter Love Island airs every night on ITV2 at 9pm