Love Island’s Connor and Sophie fall out after new boy Connagh picks her for a date

Our first look at Love Island sees one of our strongest couples at risk

Love Island Connor (ITV)

Our first look at tonight’s Love Island sees Connor and Sophie rocked by the news that two new boys were coming into the villa.


Having previously argued over Sophie’s gleeful reaction to the newcomers, Connor is left feeling sheepish when Sophie tells him that she is “not going to be friends with him anymore”.

And the pressure is really on when Sophie discovers that new boy Connagh has picked her for a date.

Getting ready with Siannise, who was picked by incomer Finley, Sophie asks Connor whether he is going to make her a cup of tea, when he helpfully reminds her they aren’t friends.

Sophie clearly has a good date with Connagh, who she later describes to the other girls in the villa as: “Like Anthony Joshua’s brother. He’s 6ft3, he’s a model, he’s a good looking guy.”

Love Island Sophie (ITV)

Elsewhere, Connor tells Nas that he’s “f****** losing his s***” at the news of the date.

Connor’s argument with Sophie last night attracted 13 complaints to Ofcom.

Love Island narrator Iain Stirling said that Connor’s behaviour “was not ideal”.

“It’s not a good look,” he told “He felt belittled because was masculinity is questioned. And he dealt with it in a way that is less than ideal.”


Love Island continues weeknights and Sundays at 9pm on ITV2.