With the real FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 beginning on the 20th of July, EA has announced their virtual rendition of the tournament - the FIFA 23 Women’s World Cup mode, with Australian hero Sam Kerr as the cover star.


The Women's World Cup mode will be a free DLC in the same vein that the Qatar 2022 World Cup mode was in November, with multiple new modes and players to choose from to keep up us entertained until the first whistle is blown for New Zealand against Norway in Auckland.

This will be EA’s last FIFA-affiliated foray into women’s international football until we have new details about how EA Sports FC will incorporate FIFA tournaments, but what’s certain is that there will be plenty of football to come yet.

With all that said, read on to find out everything you need to know about FIFA 23 Women’s World Cup mode, with a confirmed release date and info on the new modes.

When is the FIFA 23 Women’s World Cup mode coming out?

The FIFA 23 Women’s World Cup mode is coming out at the end of June. EA hasn’t provided a specific date yet but we don’t have long to wait until we see it available on the main menu.

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It will give us some time to try our hand at our own tournament ahead of the real deal in Australia and New Zealand and, who knows, maybe some of our predictions will come true - though we doubt we’ll ever hold a candle to Paul the Octopus, who famously predicted four out of six results for Germany during the UEFA Euro 2008 cup and Spain defeating the Netherlands in the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

What’s included in the FIFA 23 Women’s World Cup mode?

The DLC is looking to be the most comprehensive Women’s World Cup portrayal to date, with all 32 teams and their players who have qualified being playable. Stadiums will be decked out in the appropriate garbs too, so the whole experience should feel like the real deal.

There are three modes included in the FIFA 23 Women’s World Cup update - the first being Kick Off, which lets us play against our friends locally or against AI opponents. You can choose a team and play in any stage of the tournament from the initial group matches all the way up to the final.

There’s also the Tournaments mode, which sees you take a national team through the whole gauntlet from the group stages up to the final with the opportunity to lift the trophy in the painstakingly recreated official Stadium Australia.

Lead Your Country is a more personal way to play, allowing you to either play as a real player or custom Avatar in your team of choice through the entirety of the tournament.

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