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Viewers will see numerous changes to their television schedules today as UK broadcasters react to Monday night’s tragic news of a suicide bombing at the Manchester Arena, which has so far claimed 22 lives and injured at least 59 others. For the full details of the schedule changes, look here. 


Twin Peaks: The Return

9pm, Sky Atlantic

“It’s happening again…” TV’s most sumptuously strange drama returns on a tide of expectation it surely can’t satisfy. Nothing could, after a 26-year break (I’ll see you in 25 years,” Laura Palmer told Agent Cooper at the end of the last series, very nearly right). But with so many of the original cast back, it will still be a joy to see what creator David Lynch and Mark Frost have lined up for them in the haunting, pine-fringed environs of that very troubled town.

Bear in mind that Lunch and Frost didn’t exactly conceive this reboot as a series, more as a long movie that happens to be chopped into 18 instalments. Which is appropriate given that the original carved out a space for the kind of cinematic long-form series (The Sopranos et al) that followed – and now dominate TV.

So it’s great to have Coop (Kyle Maclachlan) and the gang back. And as the man himself might say “I have no idea where this will lead us, but I have a definite feeling it will be both wonderful and strange.”

First Dates

10pm, C4

If you saw BBC1 drama Three Girls, about the Rochdale child sexual abuse case, you’ll remember Maxine Peake playing Sara Rowbotham, the sexual health worker who realised that young girls were being abused, but whose concerns were repeatedly ignored by Rochdale council. So it’s moving and rather incredible to see the real Sara on First Dates this week, looking for a partner after years of being embroiled in the case and having no personal life to speak of. 

The 50-year-old has been single for eight years and is now ready to have some levity in her world again and “be able to just have nice times and not be so stressed or worried or anxious or angry”.


9pm, Dave

If someone asked you for your “cutest thing”, what would you offer? A basket of kittens… A picture of a fluffy newborn penguin waddling to its mother… Or tiny alpacas nuzzling noses? Apparently my grasp on the concept of cute doesn’t extend beyond baby animals, as I just lost myself in a 50-minute vortex of piglet clips on YouTube. Anyway, that’s the first task this week, and kudos to Lolly Adefope, whose winning submission is a photo of herself as a baby. I’d have done the same. 

As ever, the tasks are by turns rambunctious and puerile – and charmingly so – but what makes me laugh the most are Greg Davies’s dismissive, cynical, cutting asides and his total lack of patience with this daft programme, or indeed his fellow comedians.


Now TV

Almost a decade ago the original BBC1 series, with Sarah Parish, Shelley Conn et al, was a satisfying piece of shamelessly flimsy escapism. If you still miss it, you can get more or less the same naughty hit from the American remake.

Roger Moore – A Matter of Class

Amazon Video


Celebrate the life of the late and more than great Rooger Moore, King of Suave with this look back at the actor’s screen career. Narrated with gentle self-deprecating humour and honesty by the star himself, this feature goes through the most famous work of the former bond.