Stellar Blade is the latest PlayStation 5 exclusive to release with a decent-sized story, plenty of side quests and a full list of trophies to collect.


Developed by South Korean developer Shift Up, Stellar Blade is an action adventure that places you in control of the mysterious Eve, as they look to reclaim the planet Earth from the monstrous behemoths known as the Naytiba.

Whether jumping in on day one or unsure about picking up the game, it's useful to know how many trophies there are and the level of challenge associated with them.

That's why we've compiled everything you need to know about Stellar Blade's trophy guide in one place – including how to get the Platinum. Just be aware there are story spoilers within the trophy list, so proceed with caution.

How many trophies does Stellar Blade have?

Stellar Blade PS5 still showing a group of characters in the cockpit of a ship
Stellar Blade. Sony

There are 43 trophies in Stellar Blade for protagonist Eve to collect on her journey across a post-apocalyptic Earth.

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These are made up of 27 Bronze, 12 Silver, three Gold and one Platinum trophy. Two further Bronze trophies are available to collect as part of the day-one free DLC that adds New Game Plus - however, they do not contribute to the Platinum whatsoever.

The main story is expected to take around 17 to 22 hours to finish, depending on your level of skill – there is a story difficulty that is ideal for trophy hunting, though you can't unlock every single one that way.

With that, obtaining a 100 per cent completion in Stellar Blade is estimated to run about 26 to 30-plus hours.

Full list of Stellar Blade trophies

Eve in Stellar Blade in a crouching position
Eve in Stellar Blade. Sony

The majority of trophies in Stellar Blade are unlocked via boss fights, with the remaining comprised of collectables, side quests and levelling up Eve.

Earning all the trophies should be reasonably straightforward, as long as you consider the missable ones.

For instance, the area of Xion City cannot be revisited for any side missions once completing the Abyss Levoire section, while the second surrounds Spire 4 before the final part of the game.

If you complete all of the side missions as soon as they become available, you shouldn't have any issues. If not, make a separate save and return at a later time.

The full list of Stellar Blade trophies can be found below:

  • EVE Protocol (Platinum) – Acquired all trophies
  • Camp Preparation (Bronze) – Activated the first Camp
  • Abaddon (Bronze) – Defeated Abaddon
  • Corrupter (Bronze) – Defeated Corrupter
  • Gigas (Bronze) – Defeated Gigas
  • Brute (Bronze) – Defeated Brute
  • Altess Levoire (Bronze) – Retrieved the Hyper Cell from Altess Levoire
  • Stalker (Bronze) – Defeated Stalker
  • Juggernaut (Bronze) – Defeated Juggernaut
  • Tachy (Bronze) – Defeated Tachy
  • Behemoth (Bronze) – Defeated Behemoth
  • Abyss Levoire (Bronze) – Retrieved the Hyper Cell from Abyss Levoire
  • Belial (Bronze) – Defeated Belial
  • Karakuri (Bronze) – Defeated Karakuri
  • Demogorgon (Bronze) – Defeated Demogorgon
  • Raven (Bronze) – Defeated Raven
  • Return to the Colony (Gold) – Achieved Return to the Colony ending
  • Cost of Lost Memories (Gold) – Achieved Cost of Lost Memories ending
  • Making New Memories (Gold) – Achieved Making New Memories ending
  • Can Collector (Silver) – Collected all cans
  • Nano Suit Collector (Silver) – Acquired 30 Nano Suits
  • Records Collector (Silver) – Collected 200 Data Bank entries (Memory sticks, Documents or Passcodes)
  • Lonely Fisherman (Silver) – Caught 20 different fish
  • Box Hunter (Silver) – Opened 200 boxes
  • Naytiba Researcher (Silver) – Got information on all Naytibas
  • Meticulous Explorer (Silver) – Activated all Camps
  • Perfect Exospine (Silver) – Enhanced 10 Exospines to its max
  • Perfect Blood Edge (Bronze) – Enhanced Blood Edge to its max
  • Perfect Rechargeable Tumbler (Bronze) – Enhanced the Rechargeable Tumbler to its max
  • Perfect Physical Enhancement (Bronze) – Enhanced HP to its max
  • Perfect Beta Energy Enhancement (Bronze) – Enhanced Beta Energy to its max
  • Thorough Technician (Bronze) – Learned all skills
  • Beyond Fate (Silver) – Completed Enya and Su's Story
  • Sisterly Love (Silver) – Completed Kaya's story
  • Beep! (Silver) – Completed D1G-g2r's story
  • Battlefield Martian Artist (Bronze) – Perfect Dodged 200 enemy attacks
  • Agile Gladiator (Bronze) – Perfect Parried 300 enemy attacks
  • Silent Executioner (Bronze) – Defeated 50 enemies by execution
  • Naytiba Hunter (Bronze) – Defeated 100 enemies with Beta Skills
  • Relentless Destroyer (Bronze) – Defeated 50 enemies with Burst Skills
  • Revenging Agent (Bronze) – Defeated 50 enemies in Tachy Mode
  • Cold-blooded Sniper (Bronze) – Defeated 150 enemies with ranged attacks
  • Cruel Liberator (Silver) – Defeated 1,500 enemies

Stellar Blade is available exclusively on PlayStation 5. Head to Amazon to pick up a copy in time for the weekend.


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