Joyride horror smash for Leanna, Noah and Amelia on Emmerdale? Watch the new scene

There's danger on the roads tonight

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Emmerdale’s teens are in danger of pulling one prank too may in tonight’s episode of the ITV soap when they go on a potentially dangerous joyride. Already this week we’ve seen Noah be easily convinced into helping Leanna when she flooded the school by shoving towels down the toilet. Then, the pair roped Amelia into their scheme to get into the vets’ and release a load of animals.


Now, a suspicious Daz warns Noah to stay away from Amelia. But his words only encourage Noah to get increasingly reckless, with scenes to be shown this evening seeing him and Leanne break into Dale Head and find the keys to Daz’s car. Amelia then arrives and tries to stop them, but Leanna ends up tricking her into coming along for a joyride.

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As can be seen by this new clip, Amelia is soon being made to look like an accomplice when Noah films her in the back seat of the car. But as Amelia begs them to stop, Leanna decides to put her foot down on the accelerator, just as the car approaches a narrow bend in the road. So is there danger ahead?


You can see what happens when Emmerdale shows the consequences of the teenagers’ actions tonight at 7.00 and 8.00pm. And visit our dedicated Emmerdale page for all the latest news, interviews and spoilers.