Neighbours spoilers: the week ahead in Ramsay St

10-14 June: Lucy has a plan that will bring the past back to Ramsay Street, Amber sabotages Chris's love life, while a seemingly altruistic Paul agrees to help Mason

Monday 10 June


Kate tells Paul that she’s moving into No 26 causing more tension between them. Lucy tells Paul that they have to make finding a replacement hotel manager a priority and that she has a candidate in mind. When Paul learns who it is, he wonders if it won’t open a few old emotional wounds, but she assures him she’s sussed out Lauren and is confident there won’t be any problems. When Lucy’s called away suddenly on business, she suggests Paul might let Lauren know who they have in mind. Given the opportunity, Paul decides not to do so and makes a phone call offering a job interview to Lucy’s preferred candidate – Terese Willis. 

Matt and Bailey both have to front police Superintendent Duncan Hayes to decide their future. After a tense hearing Matt is demoted but keeps his job. They fear Bailey won’t be so lucky, but when he gets off with a warning the family couldn’t be happier. Ajay is worried that Mason is in for a much tougher result. Toadie, remembering how his failure shattered Steph’s life, understands the pressure that Ajay is facing.  

Georgia is proceeding with her nursing course application without telling Kyle. She is under the belief that he is bound to drop her one day soon and their relationship is doomed.

Tuesday 11 June

As Amber’s friendship with Chris develops, she misreads the signals and thinks she’s got a chance to be with him.  However when Chris accepts a date with hot new guy Seamus, Amber sets about stopping them from having a good time. Despite her best efforts, she’s shattered to discover Chris really likes Seamus.  When Amber discovers that Seaums sees Chris as nothing but a fling she sabotages their first big date in the hope of saving Chris further heartache.  

Steph ups her plans to win Lucas back – playing it cool but making sure she appears to be a chilled, stress free, alternative to Vanessa.  It’s working and Lucas takes the bait. However, things get complicated when Toadie discovers that Steph had a breakdown in jail. Steph says she’s fine now but when she throws away her medication it’s clear she’s living on a knife’s edge.  

Paul plays the big boss as he shows Terese around Lassiters and Ramsay Street as he interviews her for the job as Lassiters manager.  He’s delighted to discover Lauren and Terese don’t know each other and cheekily sets up Lauren for a huge fall. However, the tables are turned when Terese reveals that she’s already had the formal job offer from Lucy and this ‘interview’ was really a chance for her to get to know Paul and check him out. She thinks they’ll make a great team.

Wednesday 12 June

Amber’s guilt is piqued when she sees Chris’s disappointment over missing his chance with Seamus. Prompted by Georgia, she confesses to being the one who sabotaged his date.  Chris is unforgiving and annoyed at Amber interfering in his personal life. Amber upset, returns home and runs into Lou, who has been talking with Sheila. Lou is concerned that Amber has feelings for Chris but Amber brushes him off, insisting that Chris is her friend. 

Georgia continues to keep Kyle in the dark about applying for the post-grad course, adamant there’s nothing to tell him until she officially gets accepted.  Secretly attending the interview, Georgia brushes off Kate’s concerns, rationalising that she’s just enjoying every moment together while it lasts. However when Kyle comes around for dinner and the hospital calls, he learns about Georgia’s acceptance into the program and the secret she’s been keeping. Unsure why she’d lie to him, Kyle pushes Georgia for an answer but letting her insecurities get the better of her, Georgia calls their relationship off, leaving Kyle dumbfounded.  

Bailey does his best to reassure Callum that despite being the lead in Rani’s play, he’s got nothing to worry about. Callum is relieved but when Bailey and Rani get close during rehearsals he becomes jealous and loses his temper. Bailey tries to remain calm and professional but matters are complicated when he realises Rani might just feel the same about him. Determined not to betray his best mate, Bailey puts aside his feelings for Rani. But is that easier said than done?

Thursday 13 June

Enjoying a meal with Kate, Paul is in an uncharacteristically jovial mood, revealing he has won Council approval for the Lassiters development. Kate is pleased, despite knowing Lucy had a hand in it. Mason shows up, which sours Paul’s mood but he makes the effort for Kate’s sake – inviting Mason to join them. The next day, Mason discovers the legal fees for his hearing will be expensive. He decides to go on legal aid, despite Matt and Kate’s objections. Without consulting Mason, Kate sucks it up and asks Paul to help. Later, Paul surprises Mason by offering the services of Tim Collins – a lawyer he keeps on retainer. Mason accepts but when Matt learns of it, he is suspicious. He confronts Paul but his concerns are appeased when he realises Paul is only doing it for Kate’s benefit. However, Paul meets up with Tim and instructs him to lose Mason’s hearing. 

As Bailey’s attraction to Rani grows, he finds it increasingly hard to work so closely with her in the play. He confesses his dilemma to Mason. Mason suggests Bailey deliberately stuff up his performances so he’ll be demoted from the role of Raj. Bailey takes Mason’s advice and messes up during lunchtime rehearsals and then insists quitting the play would be best for everyone. Despite his own vested interests, Callum persuades Bailey not to drop out, explaining how important the play is to Rani. Bailey reluctantly returns but the electricity between him and Rani remains palpable. The rehearsal performance receives a spontaneous round of applause, despite the fact Bailey was hardly acting at all. 

After his chat with Kate, Kyle desperately wants to do something to help Georgia get over her fears and insecurities, so he comes up with a plan. Kyle visits a depressed Georgia and reveals a visitor… Scotty. Kyle leaves them to talk. Georgia and Scotty have a huge heart-to-heart, which eventually offers Georgia a degree of closure. She finds Kyle to thank him and apologises for her recent erratic behaviour.  She makes it clear she is ready for their relationship now – if he is? 

Friday 14 June

Steph convinces Lucas to go away with her on a camping trip to watch the eclipse. As they pack for the trip Vanessa returns home from seeing her mother and is less than impressed to find Steph and Lucas packing to go away together. Steph moves off to collect supplies for the trip while Vanessa and Lucas have it out. After deciding they want to fight for their relationship, Vanessa demands that Lucas sever all ties with Steph.  

After talking it through with Toadie, Lucas knows it’s the right thing to do. He tells Steph they can no longer hang out and Steph is gutted. She turns on Lucas and accuses him of using her. When Vanessa resigns from Harold’s Steph begs her to lift the ban on her and Lucas but Vanessa refuses. Steph becomes emotional and unhinged. When Karl finds Steph’s anti-psychotic meds in the bin it becomes clear that Steph is losing control. 


Ajay is horrified to learn that Mason has teamed up with Paul Robinson’s dodgy lawyer Tim Collins. Ajay doesn’t understand – why would Paul help the person that robbed his hotel? When asked, Paul tells Ajay that he’s only helping Mason because of Kate, but Ajay doesn’t buy it. He’s certain that Paul has a hidden agenda – but what is it?