Neighbours spoilers: the week ahead in Ramsay St

9-13 March: Hilary Robinson returns and causes Paul's stress levels to rise, while Susan and Sheila clash over the bake-off

Monday 9 March


Matt is forced to admit that the mortgage is putting too much pressure on the family and that the best solution is to sell the house. Brennan is determined to prove to Naomi that he thinks of them as more than just ʻfriends with benefitsʼ. Susan and Sheila become judges at the Erinsborough Festival Bake-Off, but the pair have different ideas about what constitutes good baking. 

Tuesday 10 March

Tyler is shocked to discover that Brennan has rejoined the police force – will he be able to keep working for Dimato while under the same roof as a cop? Nick accepts the job at the hospital and tells Terese and Brad that he is staying in town. When Sheila meets Harold she flirts with him shamelessly, prompting Lou to deny any notion of being interested… if Harold wants her he can have her! 

Wednesday 11 March

Worried that his personal association with Dimato could be discovered, Tyler interrogates Brennan about joining the police force again. When Georgia saves the life of a choking waiter, Nick is so impressed that he vows to woo her, despite knowing full well that she is a happily married woman. A downcast Paul tries to demonstrate that he is not just out for himself, but during an orchestrated photo-shoot a familiar face from the past arrives and Paulʼs stunned reaction is caught on camera. 

Thursday 12 March

Sick of her constant badgering, Paul is desperate to get rid of his cousin Hilary, but it will cost him. Matt stumbles on Dimato discussing stolen cars but says nothing. Sensing an opportunity, Dimato makes him an offer. Harold is convinced that deep down Lou likes Sheila, despite his protestations, and sets out to bring the pair closer together. Nick offers to help Georgia give out flu shots and starts to turn on the charm. 

Friday 13 March


Brad persuades Bailey to join his running group. Feeling sorry for himself, Matt receives a sum of money from Dimato but cannot bring himself to tell Lauren where it really came from. Nick enlists Georgiaʼs help in fundraising for his new cancer centre and stumbles across her personal notebook containing a pre-baby wish list, which he immediately sets out to exploit.