Coronation Street: David takes the rap for Callum’s murder

Is the police's net closing around the Platts?


The Platt family is to reach breaking point next week as David (Jack P Shepherd) decides to take the blame for Callum’s killing.


Upcoming scenes will see a guilty David and Kylie (Paula Lane) face the music after Sarah – in the wake of all the recent trauma – has a breakdown and is taken to hospital.

But when Kylie suggests that she should confess to Callum’s murder, David won’t hear of it and insists that he’d rather take the rap himself as the kids need her.

In the Coronation Street episode to be broadcast on Friday 24 June, the police will be seen calling at No 8 and taking David in for questioning, leaving Kylie worried sick.

But as the police quiz David about Callum’s final movements and texts sent from his phone after his death, little does David know that – back on the Street – Jason has asked Phelan to retrieve Tony’s toolbag as there’s something he needs to do.

As Kylie heads to the police station, she’s surprsied to find Jason already there, handing in Tony’s tools. So will Jason manage to shift the blame from David to Tony? Or is David set for a long term in the slammer as a result of his actions?

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