Coronation Street: Faye revealed as Eileen’s stalker! What happens next?

Hands up who thought it was Phelan?


Coronation Street has revealed the identity of Eileen Grimshaw’s stalker with schoolgirl Faye Windass unmasked as the culprit, not villainous Pat Phelan as many fans had speculated.


Tonight’s hour-long episode saw the sinister campaign against Eileen reach a peak, as the terrified taxi office operator heard her homicidal husband’s voice down the phone when her tormentor made another prank call.

Telling the police, she was informed the caller was unlikely to be her missing-presumed-dead husband last seen plunging into the sea after being exposed as a multiple murderer (little do they know he’s still alive and hiding out plotting revenge), and was more likely someone playing a trick by recording Pat’s voice from his landline answerphone greeting. But who has a grudge against Eileen big enough to to something so twisted?


Falsely accusing Alya Nazir, who believes Eileen was involved in Pat’s killing spree that claimed the life of her boyfriend Luke Britton, Mrs Grimshaw remained in the dark as to who was behind the horror and returned home to find a brick had been hurled through her window.

As the phone rang again, viewers saw the caller furtively hiding outside in the ginnel – none other than teenager Faye Windass, who’s mum Anna is in prison having been framed by Phelan for assault.


Faye has led the FAWN (Free Anna Windass Now) campaign and holds Eileen responsible for her mother’s incarceration, but how far will she go to get justice? On Friday, heavily pregnant Nicola Rubinstein takes a tumble down the stairs when she investigate a strange noise in the house and ends up fighting her and her baby’s life in hospital – is Faye to blame? How long before thee toxic teen is exposed? And what will happen when Pat Phelan returns to the cobbles next week?


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