Who is Marcel Somerville? The Love Island contestant used to be in Blazin’ Squad

Unsurprisingly, when people find out about the 'Squad' they immediately sing Crossroads at him!


Love Island 2017 contestants: Marcel Somerville


Age: 31

Occupation: Music professional

From: London

Marcel has come a long way since day one. In the very first coupling, absolutely nobody stepped forward for the former Blazin’ Squad singer – something that seems incomprehensible now! Camilla even went so far as to say that her only regret from her time in the villa is not stepping forward for him back then as he’s now become such a good friend.

Although he didn’t immediately find love with any of the original girls, it was when Gabby entered the villa that Marcel’s Love Island journey really began.

The pair have been together from the get go, and are arguably one of the best and strongest couples in the villa. Marcel recently made a beautiful speech about Gabs, and asked her to formally be his girlfriend.


The only slight bump in the road came when the villa was split up, and in a challenge Marcel snogged someone else…twice. Gabby only found out about it during another challenge, which suffice to say did NOT go down well.

As well as being Gabby’s other half, Marcel – or should that be Dr Marcel – has carved a role for himself as the voice of reason in the villa, becoming a mate to everyone, offering sage advice and patching up arguments left, right and centre. Unsurprisingly, he was recently voted viewers’ favourite boy in the villa.

Where have I seen Marcel before? At the Crossroads. He used to be in Blazin’ Squad! Not that he likes to go on about it…

“When I go out clubbing there will always be groups of girls like ‘is it him? Is it not?’ and they’ll come up and try and talk to me,” he says. “But the majority of the time I’m not the sort of person to go ‘I’m from Blazin’ Squad’. It’s usually my mates who are trying to pull going ‘My mate’s from Blazin’ Squad!’

So does that mean he has people singing ‘see you at the Crossroads’ on a regular basis?

“All the time!” he says. “Literally – the majority of the time it’s what people will say to me when they realise it is me.”

Hard to believe this was a number one hit in the Official Charts now, eh?

“Since the Squad ten-piece officially ended I’ve produced with loads of different people like Naughty Boy,” he tells us. “In 2015 I started up my own production label and I did The Games.”

Indeed, a bit of assistance from Wikipedia tells us that Marcel was a silver medalist in the 2006 series of the Channel 4 reality show in which Javine, Adam Rickett, Amanda Lamb and Jade Jones also competed. Oh how we miss the noughties.

Will Blazin’ Squad reunite? There is hope. “There are possibilities but I think we might have to do it like Take That,” he said. “We’re going to have to be 40 or something like that and then do it. When it’s weddings or someone has a kid, there’s usually a party and we all get together. It’s nice but truth be told since we were 21 we haven’t all been in the same room together. There’s always been one missing or two missing from the party.”


Will Marcel have sex on Love Island? Well that almost seems like a certainty… “It’s going to be two months, it’s going to be hard not to do it in two months! I might pace myself at the start – maybe at the second week if I’m in a good space with one of them? But I’m not going to jump into bed with different girls.”

How did Marcel get on Love Island? Like many of the contestants, he was scouted to apply. “I got a call from my agent in January saying if I wanted to go and meet the people from ITV about Love Island,” he told us. “I thought to myself ‘I’m single – why not?’ It’s a bit of an adventure and I watched it last year and it looked like good fun so that’s probably the reason why I’m doing it!”

Love Island airs at 9pm on ITV2.