You need to watch this trailer for the 1978 Doctor Strange TV movie

You are about to enter the Fourth Dimension - without the use of CGI...!


Maybe it’s because I’m of a certain age, and still remember a more innocent time before computer-generated images; a time when not every film trailer began with a single note played repeatedly on an echoing piano; a time when moustaches were more straight-forward.


Whatever the reason, I think I almost prefer the trailer for the 1978 Doctor Strange TV movie to the one for the super-3D, CGI-churning 2016 version.

Whether or not you agree, you have to admit it has a certain charm, with its dreamlike video effects, ‘villainess’ based on a character from Arthurian legend and obsession with “the Fourth Dimension”.

Here’s the 1978 version…

…and here’s what 2016 has replaced it with… 


…just in case you weren’t sure which was which.