EastEnders: Patrick worries about Dot’s wellbeing- what’s going on?

Possessive Claudette gets jealous


Dot Branning has shut herself away and avoided seeing anyone of late. No one is quite sure what’s wrong but next week in EastEnders her good friend Patrick will try to get to the bottom it, and will anger Claudette in the process.


Worried by her retreat indoors, Patrick invites Dot out for a drink and a chat at The Vic. When she doesn’t turn up he annoys Claudette by worrying about Dot rather than paying attention to her. Instead of listening to her trying to make amends he heads off to find Dot.


She explains to him that she doesn’t like Halloween and would rather not get out and about at this time of year, but Patrick suspects there’s more to it than that. What could be the real reason she’s closeted herself in the house?


Later in the week, Claudette goes to a lot of trouble to prepare for a lunch date with Patrick. Meanwhile, Patrick goes to see Dot again and invites her to go out for lunch. Claudette, who resents the attention he is lavishing on Dot, hears that he’s at the café with her and storms over with all guns blazing.


Will the scene she makes in the café be the final straw for Patrick? And what is behind Dot’s withdrawal?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of EastEnders below.


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