Tom Hiddleston shares his journey to school as part of Unicef Emergency Lessons campaign

"I’m very old and I went to school a very long time ago...”


In solidarity with the Unicef Emergency Lessons campaign, Tom Hiddleston has shared his memories of his journey to school.


Using the hashtag #EmergencyLessons, the campaign aims to raise awareness about how children’s education can be disrupted when emergencies hit, from natural disasters like earthquakes or flooding, to civil conflicts and health crises, such as the Ebola outbreak.

In Hiddleston’s video, posted on Twitter, he talks about how he went to boarding school as a boy and in the car he’d listen to comedy shows “on cassette tape, because I’m very old and I went to school a very long time ago.”

Can we just take a moment to appreciate how adorable a miniature Tom Hiddleston would be.

He added: “For children in emergencies, school is as vital as food and medicine.”

Hiddleston’s tweet was in response to Ali and Gaith’s #EmergencyLessons video, which sees them walk through Harsham IDP camp in Iraq on their way to school.


Join in and share your journey to school by using the hashtag #EmergencyLessons.