Has Captain America designed the new Celebrity Big Brother 2015 house?

But don't worry, the Brits have made their mark on the house in this UK vs USA themed series too

Captain America seems to have turned his hand to interior design, if the decor in the latest Celebrity Big Brother house is anything to go by anyway. 


Here’s the Captain:

And here’s a peek at the new Celebrity Big Brother house, which will welcome housemates from both the UK and the USA:

Perhaps it actually is Captain America’s house? He could marvel (geddit?) at his iconic shield design while he had his breakfast. 

Peek at it as he entertained guests, like Iron Man, Black Widow… 

It’s got something to it. Perhaps IKEA should include a Captain America range?

The Brits have made their mark of course. Big Ben is firmly in attendance. 

There’s some nice Union Jack scatter cushions on quite upright, British-esque leather chairs for the UK housemates to sit in and, er, discuss British things. Whether one puts jam or cream on a scone first and the like. 

Captain America’s range also includes a table. 

It looks like the theme was forgotten in the garden… 

… until you see this. 

While in the bedroom, there’s no worry of the housemates forgetting where they are – or that they’re being watched – with the Big Brother eye very much in attendance. 

And of course, what CBB house would be complete without a Diary Room chair? This year’s looks like they’re expecting housemates to sink in, get comfy, and get dishing on the latest gossip… 


Celebrity Big Brother returns to Channel 5 Thursday at 9:00pm