“I want Callum to get custody of Max,” says Coronation Street star Jack P Shepherd

"It would tip David over the edge and I like playing angry David," adds the actor


David Platt may be going all out to keep hold of young Max, but actor Jack P Shepherd thinks that drug dealing bad boy Callum Logan should get custody of the boy.


“The viewers are all on David’s side. I think everybody is – they want to see him keep the kids. Personally, I want Callum to get custody of Max because it’s more interesting,” says the actor. “It would tip David over the edge and I like playing angry David. I think the viewers like to see angry David every once in a while as well. I do like playing family David and the comedy David, but it’s good to have a bit of both.”

But Shepherd has no doubt that should the courts find in favour of Callum, then the effect would be crushing for David. “Losing Max now would be devastating. David dotes on Max and has done since he came into his life. He’s the one person who’s been a constant for Max in recent years and who’s always unconditionally loved him. Kylie left him and before that tried to sell him. Callum’s never had any interest in being in his life up until now, so David seems to want him the most.”

Next week’s episodes will see a panicked David abscond with his kids after growing increasingly scared that Callum will get custody of Max. With Callum determined to insinuate himself at the Platts’, David feels he has little choice but to flee with the children in tow. But David’s rash actions look set to strain relations between him and Max.

“Max doesn’t want to leave his dad and he says to David, ‘I don’t want to be with you, I hate you’, which really hurts David because he’d do anything for Max,” comments Shepherd. “But then David’s temper starts getting the better of him and he takes it out on the kids. He shouts at Max who then starts to become a little wary of David, which is pushing him further into Callum’s arms. David brings it all on himself really and turns Max away from him because he’s feeling the pressure.”

Scenes to be shown on Friday 8 May see David seen calling Gail from Liverpool and assuring her they’re fine, but admitting that he can’t return home and risk losing Max. But as David kills the call, he’s horrified to realise that Max has disappeared. As David searches the streets in vain for Max, the young lad is seen alone in the city…

“They’re in Liverpool town centre, so David is frantic as he tries to look for Max. He’s pushing Lily round in the pram and he’s getting desperate. He can’t leave Lily to run looking for Max, so he’s asking people if they’ve seen him and no one has. He doesn’t know what to do, he’s about to go to the police, then his phone rings and it’s Callum. What he hears then is a real game changer…”

The actor is remaining tight-lipped as to what happens next, but does say that David’s decision to do a runner in the first place is sure to harm his case. “It won’t look good in court at all. All Callum has to do is tell his solicitor that David tried to jump the country with his kid. So he would never see his son again.”

Watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.


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