Russell Crowe: What do I have to do to get Australian citizenship?

He's been voted a national treasure and appeared on stamps Down Under...but his application is still rejected

Russell Crowe earns $20 million a movie and has just directed his first film – but all he really wants is to be an Aussie.


“They changed the law for New Zealanders,” the Hollywood A-lister complains in this week’s issue of Radio Times. “No matter how long you’d been in the country, if you weren’t in Australia for the majority of 2000 to 2002 — when I was particularly busy filming overseas — you can’t become a citizen.”

Crowe moved to Australia in 1968 and in the past has “handed out ‘how to vote’ cards to help elect the prime minister”. Even after marrying an Australian singing star and having children, his application was turned down.

“I’ve been voted one of Australia’s 50 national treasures. I’ve even had my face on an Australian stamp, the only non-Australian to do so, apart from the Queen, of course. It’s so, so…unreasonable.”

Crowe directed as well as starred in his latest film The Water Diviner, which is about Gallipoli – the First World War campaign for control of the Dardanelles.


Read the full interview with Russell Crowe in this week’s Radio Times, in newsagents and available on the Apple Newsstand from Tuesday 24th March