Zoella and the top 10 UK YouTubers finding fame and fortune online

Ever wished you just quit the day job and stay at home for the day instead? Meet the internet vlogging sensations carving out careers from their bedrooms...

If you were watching this week’s episode of The Great Comic Relief Bake Off chances are you’ve had your introduction to Zoella.


The YouTube superstar – who we’ve profiled so you don’t have to – is quite the businesswoman, running a mini empire from her bedroom with the aid of little more than a camera and her own creativity. 

She’s only one of a network of UK ‘vloggers’ – that’s video bloggers to you and I – making money online though. These masterfully managed young’uns are in many cases worth more to companies and advertisers than some TV slots – and they’re certainly making the most of it.

Zoella reigns supreme with 8 million subscribers: Now meet the other 10 most popular UK YouTube vloggers who are carving out careers in an unconventional way…

10. Louise Glitter (1,964,606 YouTube subscribers)

Louise Glitter joined YouTube back in 2010 and has been producing rather popular fashion, beauty and advice videos ever since. The fashion/beauty guru and online agony aunt also popped out a darling daughter during her tenure, and the little ‘un (nicknamed Baby Glitter) makes the occasional appearance.

Glitter’s second channel – yup, Zoella has one too – Sprinkle of Chatter mainly features discussions with fellow YouTubers and has racked up a whopping 896,063 subscribers all by itself.

Social Stats: 1.13m Twitter followers, 1.3m Instagram followers, 725,188 Facebook likes

9. Jim Chapman (2,052,092 YouTube subscribers)

Men’s fashion and pop culture vlogger Jim Chapman has been keeping the men of YouTube in the know since 2009 with his informative and entertaining video offerings. He was even a member of the YouTube boyband that raised money for Comic Relief.

The self-described “internet best friend” is engaged to fellow YouTuber Tanya Burr (more on her in a minute) and the pair have becoming something of a YouTube power couple. You might also have spotted him on ITV last year, co-hosting comedy panel show Viral Tap.

Social Stats: 1.18m Twitter followers, 1.1m Instagram followers, 767, 072 Facebook likes

8. AmazingPhil (2,386,376 YouTube subscribers)

Phil Lester has been YouTubing – yes, that’s a thing – since 2006. You’d forget YouTube has been around that long. Anyway, his videos about his life and the crazy challenges he likes to take on have nabbed him a whopping 174,796,331 views and a Sunday/Monday evening co-hosting job on BBC Radio 1.

As if that wasn’t enough, his second channel LessAmazingPhil boasts 653,320 subscribers and his collaborative gaming channel (with Danisnotonfire, who we’ll get to in just a minute) is watched by 962,088 YouTubers.

Social Stats: 1.39m Twitter followers, 806k Instagram followers, 579k Facebook like

7. Charlieissocoollike (2,405,040 Youtube subscribers)

“So there was this one time when I made a video about tea and now YouTube is my job or something”, writes Charlie McDonnell. This young YouTuber first uploaded to his channel in April 2007 and became the first UK YouTuber to reach one million subscribers back in 2011.

The musician – with Doctor Who inspired band Chameleon Circuit – and filmmaker keeps viewers coming back for more with a mix of humour, wit and short films. It’s no wonder his view count stands at nearly 293 million now, is it?

Social Stats: 693k Twitter followers, 138k Instagram followers, 339,525 Facebook likes

6. Tanya Burr (2,820,492 YouTube subscribers)

If you’re looking for a lifestyle, fashion and beauty guru then you’d best meet Tanya Burr. She’s the UK YouTube circle’s resident fashion and make-up maven, who just so happens to enjoy a spot of baking on the side too.

Burr began vlogging back in 2009 and her channel proved so popular that she was given the opportunity to release her own cosmetics collection. Oh, and lest we forget, she’s also got a published book or two to her name.

Social Stats: 1.26m Twitter followers, 1.5m Instagram followers, 606k Facebook likes

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