The TV ‘ships’ that float your boats

From Silent Witness to NCIS, Farscape to Stargate, you told us which TV couples you've always wanted to see together so we've set sail with a selection of your favourites...

When first we broached the concept of ‘shipping’, dear readers, we weren’t quite sure whether the boat would stay afloat.


We need not have worried, though: after meeting the tragic TV couples whose ships never left the harbour and the luckier pairings who sailed full steam ahead, you couldn’t wait to tell us who else you’d like to see together.

So, here with out further ado, are the TV couples you’d like to see sail off into the sunset…

Dr Nikki Alexander and Dr Harry Reid (Silent Witness)

Their on-again-off-again laboratory love affair may have been cut short by his departure for New York at the end of season 15 but that didn’t stop fans falling head over heels for pathologists Nikki and Harry. reader Erin Kelly still ships the pair to this very day.

Oops. Well nobody’s perfect, right?

Robin and Ted (How I Met Your Mother)

It took YEARS to find out how Ted Mosby met his kids’ mother in How I Met Your Mother, but it took even longer for himself and Robin to really get their act together. And to think it all started so promisingly, when they dated in the early days.

However, it wasn’t until Ted had met the titular mother and then been widowed that they decided to give it another shot. Fans were divided: They either loved it or hated it. Kaley Davis was more than happy to see them hook up.

Ian and Sally (Twenty Twelve)

Olivia Colman and Hugh Bonneville were always going to be a winning combination so it’s no surprise that their Twenty Twelve counterparts, Ian and Sally, ended up on the list.

Laurie Andreano Bryant said she loved the romantic tension between Ian Fletcher – the head of the Olympic Deliverance Committee in the BBC mock-doc – and his PA Sally.

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