Alex Polizzi: Review sites like TripAdvisor feature warped criticism that can destroy businesses

"Think before you click," says the star of The Fixer and The Hotel Inspector, "your words could cost jobs"

“Scurrilous” and “factually inaccurate” posts on internet review sites can damage small businesses and could cost jobs, says Alex Polizzi.


As Channel 5’s Hotel Inspector and BBC2’s The Fixer, Polizzi knows a thing or two about business troubleshooting and in the new issue of Radio Times magazine she lays out some key ways in which she believes regulators and the government can help small businesses.

But she urges members of the public to do their bit too, helping to counter the Internet’s “more malevolent side” by considering more carefully the reviews they leave online.

“When I speak to small business owners, what I hear again and again is that Internet review sites such as TripAdvisor are filled with warped and twisted criticism,” says Polizzi.

“People have complete impunity to say anything they like, and lots of it is either factually incorrect, or stuck up there by competitors.

“It’s in the review sites’ interest to have scurrilous stuff up, because it is fun to read, but people’s businesses can be destroyed…

“That’s where you come in.Think before you click – your words could cost jobs.”

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