New Christmas photos of Prince George chuckling to himself on the steps of Kensington Palace

Whether you're a monarchist or a republican, these photos are undeniably adorable...

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have unveiled brand new official photos of Prince George. 


The 16-month old is pictured chuckling to himself on the steps of Kensington Palace, wearing a sleeveless jumper with a very British guardsmen pattern with dark shorts and shoes to match.

The pictures  were taken in late November by Prince Harry’s private secretary, Ed Lane Fox, who had previously worked as a freelance photographer.

The last official photographs of him were published to mark his first birthday on 22 July so he’s grown quite a bit since then.


Prince William and Kate Middleton have just returned from a three-day trip to the United States, where they visited the 9/11 memorial, attended a charity fund-raising dinner, met President Obama, and chatted to pop royalty Beyonce and Jay Z at a basketball game.