BBC iPlayer and Freeview coming to Xbox One

Microsoft’s console will get free-to-air TV in October BBC iPlayer by the end of the year

Microsoft Xbox One was always intended to take over your television, what with its voice-activated EPG OneGuide and various streaming services. But in Britain, there were two big problems: it didn’t have BBC iPlayer and unlike your normal television, it couldn’t do Freeview. Microsoft is looking to change that. 


This October, Microsoft will release the Xbox One Digital TV Tuner (£24.99). Previously the Xbox’s OneGuide was only compatible with cable and satellite set-top boxes. Now Freeview viewers will be able to use features like the voice-controlled OneGuide, or watch television at the same time as playing video games using Snap Mode.


Looking a bit further ahead, the BBC have just announced that they aim to bring iPlayer to the console “by the end of the year.” Great news, although PS4 gamers have a reason to look smug: they have had iPlayer since the console’s launch in November 2013.