The world’s 5 most expensive TVs

From the lavish to the outrageous: televisions that add a whole new meaning to the word “luxury”

When it comes to watching television, sometimes we can’t ask for more than functioning sound and decent picture quality. But once that’s all sorted, even a little bit of an upgrade seems tempting. These excessive televisions will satisfy any telly addict’s panoramic dreams. High-end design, obscene size and more can be yours for a hefty price tag. Will it make a difference to your weekly soap viewing? You decide…



Struggling to replace that shabby art easel hiding in the corner? Or even that old painting? Look no further than the slick Samsung UE85S9STXXU 85″ LED TV, inSmart 3D 4k Ultra HD, and watch cinematic art come to life. Sleek and functional, this model boasts a 1000 Hz processing rate and 5-speaker surround sound. The best part? It’s comparatively affordable, available at Curry’s for only £34,999 with free delivery. 


For those who seriously demand that their flicks be watched “on the big screen,” this 152 inch Plasma TV from Panasonic delivers just the right amount of blown-up satisfaction. With a 4K2K self-illumination panel, 1080p resolution, and 24p Smooth Film 3D enhancer, this television delivers sweeping, stunning images – all for a modest £599,999.89.


But why stop at 152 inches? British company Titan believes “the only limitation is your imagination.” Hence the recent unveiling of fittingly titled Zeus, their new whopping 370 inch screen. That’s a hefty 9.39 metres: bigger than the width of a football goal and twice the height of an elephant, as visualised below. Tempted? Only four have been made, but two have already been snapped up. Better get moving before that £1 million price tag climbs any higher.


For the ultimate lux factor, look no further than a gemstone-studded screen. Liverpudlian Stuart Hughes has created the PrestigeHD Supreme, a television framed by 19 kilograms of 22 carat gold. If that wasn’t enough, the frame is also encrusted with 48 diamonds as well as topaz and Aventurine, not to mention the inner screen bezel of alligator skin. For $1.5 million (approx. £880,000), this ludicrous set can be yours. 



Then again, why not encase your telly completely in solid glitz? No need to be stingy here, for The PrestigeHD Supreme Rose Edition from Stuart Hughes is encrusted with 28 kilograms of 18 carat rose gold. Forget crystal-clear display — this set will endlessly sparkle with its frame of 72 round cut, 1 carat diamonds, with Sunstone and Amethyst thrown in as well. This model has been rumoured to be the most expensive television in the world – at a staggering $2.26 million (approx. £1.33 million).