Home and Away spoilers: the week ahead in Summer Bay

7-11 July: Tamara is told she could go blind, while Oscar tries to go public with his confession

Monday 7 July


After hearing that Tamara has an injury that could cause her to go blind, Oscar feels guilty and confesses to Zac that he was driving the car. After digging up some dirt, Mark makes Kyle a financial offer to break up with Phoebe. Buoyed by winning a creative writing award, Sasha wants do a piece on Tamara’s accident from Zac’s point of view. 

Tuesday 8 July

Zac’s anger at Oscar for driving the car diminishes as he realises that his nephew was trying to protect him. Zac says that he will take the blame for the accident, but Oscar disagrees. When he tries to come clean to Sgt Emerson, Oscar finds that his story falls on deaf ears and then offers to tell Sasha everything. Bianca and Heath struggle to move on from one another. 

Wednesday 9 July

Chris tries to outshine Casey on a surfboard in front of Denny, a stunt that ends in humiliation. Maddy pushes Alf’s patience to the limit as she breaks his house rules, alienating Josh in the process. As Ricky helps look after the child, Heath admits that he is missing Bianca and finds it difficult living in the same small town as her. 

Thursday 10 July

Alf catches Maddy and Josh kissing when they should be at school. Chris gets some tips from a pick-up book to help him win back Denny. His tactic pays off, but not in the way he had planned. Casey finds the cash Phoebe’s dad gave Kyle. John finally decides to take off his wedding ring but is then distraught when he loses it. 

Friday 11 July


Phoebe overhears Kyle telling her father that no amount of money will change his feelings for her. When Alf threatens to kick him out for not paying the rent, Andy reluctantly approaches Casey to get his job back at the gym but does not get the answer he was hoping for. Marilyn helps John search for the lost ring.