Tom Cruise: We have been “talking about” Top Gun II

Mission Impossible 5 is on the way and another turn as Maverick isn’t completely off the table


More Tom Cruise anyone? He’s currently doing the rounds promoting his latest action flick Edge of Tomorrow (three premieres in one day, in fact) but there’s plenty more on the way.


Those impossible missions just keep cropping up as Mr Cruise confirms they’re already onto number five.

“We are working on that right now,” he tells Graham Norton in tomorrow night’s show.

“We will be shooting it here in London. We love it here.”

London may have other ideas after his latest film closed a huge chunk of the city down to film a scene with a helicopter landing in Trafalgar Square. Bus diversions and all sorts.

But Mission Impossible aside, there’s another sequel moviegoers are keen to hear about – Top Gun.

“I don’t know. People have been talking about it, but it’s no closer to being true, but we have been talking about coming up with a story and a script – we’ll see,” says an enigmatic Cruise.

While we wait, it’s probably a good time for a blast of Highway to the Danger Zone, isn’t it? Yes…


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