Ulrika Jonsson and Kay Burley unleash bitchy comments in new war of words

There's no love lost between the pair, who first clashed in a 2007 Dancing on Ice skate off and clearly don't like each other very much


In the red corner, a former TV weathergirl with a colourful romantic past.


In the blue corner a feisty Sky News anchor who once held a photographer by the throat after being clocked by a camera in a media scrum.

Yes folks, this is the celebrity slug fest between Ulrika Jonsson and Kay Burley, which has shown no sign of losing its venom since the bad blood started back in 2007 after Burley knocked Jonsson out of a Dancing on Ice “skate-off”.

The latest spat was kicked off by Jonsson who wrote in the Sun that “Sky News presenter Kay Burley, who has been on screen for 128 years, says she is living proof that ‘older’ women can work in TV. Yes Kay, but one tit doesn’t make a spring, love.”

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.

Burley, not one for taking anything lying down, jupmed on Twitter, saying: “Just off to work in my 4×4 to start my 129th year in front of the camera. Tune in from 2 ;-)”

Just in case you didn’t get the joke, “4 x 4” is a less than kind reference to the fact the Ulrika has four children by four different fathers.

Saucer of milk, girls, saucer of milk!