Steven Moffat: I found myself getting drawn into rumours about new Doctor Who

The Doctor Who showrunner admits that even though it was his job to cast the 12th Time Lord, he couldn't help being interested in speculation about it

Steven Moffat was in the enviable position of knowing who the new Doctor would be – it was his choice to cast Peter Capaldi after all – but that didn’t mean the speculation passed him by.


“If I hear people on the radio talking about Doctor Who, I perk up. When they were speculating about the new Doctor, I found myself getting drawn into the rumours even though I knew it was my job to cast him,” Moffat told Broadcast magazine.

“It is as great a job as my eight-year-old self thought it was – and as huge,” said the Who showrunner of his dream role, adding that the key to success is a combination of experience and the ‘rawness’ of the newcomer.

“On any series you start out raw, then you become an expert and you get slicker – but before it gets too polished, you’ve got to remember to keep enough rawness so you’re not just churning them out,” he said.