The Great British Bake Off – week seven review… in sixty seconds

Spotted dick, edible nuns and beautiful bears - race through last night's episode with our super-quick recap


Week seven of the Bake Off: pastry was on the menu and the bakers were messing around with suet. If you’re unfamiliar with the traditional ingredient, it’s the hard fat found around cow’s kidneys. Sounds appetising, no? 


The consensus was that all the bakers could make decent suet puddings (although why they would want to is beyond us). In the signature bake, Christine added ginger to her spotted dick, sparking much discussion about whether that made it a ginger dick instead, while Frances worried Mary by serving ice-cream with a hint of goat(‘s cheese).

Then the bakers tackled nuns (not literally). They were asked to bake little nun buns, inject them with creme patissiere and coat them in shiny, shiny ganache. Simple? Ha. 

After much trouble with stubborn choux, runny creme patissiere and tumbling nun’s heads, Beca came out on top with a heavenly convent whilst Christine’s offering, looking a little unholy, came last. 

Next up, the bakers were tasked with producing three types of fiddly puff pastry. They could be any shape, but Sue was, of course, particularly keen on massive horns. 

“Time, patience and precision,” was the key, said Hollywood, as the bakers bashed their butter with abandon and lamented their tight time limit. All of them, that is, apart from Glenn, who decided to abandon tradition and go off-piste. Paul and Mary spied on him from the corner of the tent, shaking their heads. 

In the end, Frances was the only one to get to grips with the horn, turning it into a “horn of victory” as she was named star baker. Meanwhile, Glenn’s unconventional pastry method didn’t prove a risk worth taking.

The cuddly sixth-form teacher thought his bakes looked shocking but would be enough to keep him in the competition… Sadly, this just wasn’t the case. After Paul expressed disppointment in his “hideous” pastries, Glenn the “beautiful bear” was sent packing. Sob.

The Great British Bake Off continues on Tuesdays at 8:00pm on BBC2